Agrarian reforms meet fake protests under fake Gandhi.

The recent agrarian reforms which set agriculture produce free from control of State are used to stage protest in the States of Punjab and Haryana. It is claimed that these are detrimental to the interest of farmers. Here are the farmers:

Protesting Agriculture Reforms

Do you notice the shining brand new tractors?

The tractors have no numer plates. Now notice the spotless white costumes as well. Now notice the Flag of Congress Party. A picture speaks a thousand words. Read this picture please.

A political party which had to buy new tractors, so new that it has no number plate means that not a single farmer was ready to lend it a tractor to use. Assuming that agriculturist chose to wear spotless white attire which is also gleaming like new, why is it that it is happening only in Punjab and neighbouring Haryana only?

How long shall we see such fake protests by hired crowds? Fake Gandhi now lead feak satyagraha as well. What an epic fall. Here is a tweet by Anupam Kher with a scene from Hindi Movie showing why these reforms were needed.

These protest are by and for the middlemen not by and for farmers. The latter are happy with reforms.

Please share your views.

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