India’s 2.5 front war intensifies.

India’s Chief of Defence Staff had assured the nation that India is ready to face 2.5 front war. The two fronts i.e. China and Pakistan are obvious and borders are hot. Both of those countries while keeping borders hot are avoiding escalation. Both are focusing of war by media by planting news.

The half front is inside India, the China and Pakistani sympathisers. The Maoists, Communists and Islamist. In an intensified war three persons have been arrested including a journalist working for China.

How does a spy look like?

Rajeev Sharma from Twitter Profile

He is a journalist named Rajeev Sharma aged 61. He looks like Uncle ji next door who works as Medical Representative. But he was arrested along with a Chinese lady Qing Shi (30) who is linked to the Chinese Intelligence agency Ministry of State Security (MSS) and her Nepali associate Sher Singh alias Raj Bohra (30). The Chinese and Nepali duo were running an ostensibly export company and we’re making payment to Sharma from time to time from the remittance received from abroad.

Rajeev Sharma was actively seen as a journalist till 2008 and worked with the news agency UNI and then in the Tribune and Sakal newspaper, covering Defence and External Affairs Ministries. After leaving active journalism in 2008, he became a freelancer, writing for leftist portals Wire, Quint and a personal favourite of Islamist Arfa Khanum Sherwani, sharing penal on every debate on defence.

According to the special cell of Delhi Police in the search of the house of accused journalist Rajiv Sharma, two 15-page documents were recovered which related to Indian defense preparedness along the India-China border. These documents pertain to India’s defense strategies along the Indo-China border (Galvan Valley). It contains some documents related to military preparations, deployment of military force, weapons strategy and strategy being made against China on the border. According to the special cell, Sharma sent classified information related to the deployment of the Indian Army at the China-Bhutan-India tri-junction, including Doklam. The 2017 Doklam standoff came just a few weeks after Sharma shared some classified information about India’s position, procurement and strategies on the border. He also shared information about India’s military cooperation with Myanmar and other details about the border between India and China.

Two Chinese nationals namely Jhang Chang and his wife Chang-li-lia were running the companies MZ Pharmacy and MZ Malls, under fake names Suraj and Usha. They are both presently in China and on their behalf, another Chinese lady Qing Shi and one Raj Bohra, a Nepali National (both directors of MZ Pharmacy) are presently operating the business from Mahipalpur, Delhi and are now under arrest. Sharma has been allegedly paid about 3 to 4 million rupees in past about one year.

I am sure Rajiv Sharma is not the only spy on the radar of intelligence agencies. Generally spies like Sharma are used to plant misinformation. In case of Sharma his sympathy with Gandhi of Congress Party would have made it easy to use him but the fact he has been arrested means either of two things or both.

First is that it is a warning to all snooping Toms to run for cover and secondly Sharma holds keys to some matter which he is expected to reveal during investigation. The fact that he has been given to police on 5 days remand means there is material with police to investigate further. I anxiously look forward for such revelations.

Crying Chinese Soldiers:

Meanwhile Taiwan News has published a video showing crying Chinese soldiers who were sent to border with India:

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