Drug war intensified in Mumbai, Goa and all over India.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which started probing drug angle in Sushant Singh Rajput case, has started questioning several others dealers after getting crucial information from ‘Riya’ and ‘Guppy’. Many links related to the case are now seen connecting.

A hectic last week:

The Narcotics Control Bureau on Thursday arrested another drug peddler in the raid. NCB has got about 1 kg of drugs from the house of this paddler named Rahil Vishram, which is worth 3 to 4 crores in the market. Apart from this, NCB has received Rs 4.5 lakh cash from Rahil’s house. According to the information, direct links have been found with Rahil’s Bollywood celebrities.

In the Riya drugs case, NCB is trying to reach every aspect and every supplier who was arranging the drugs for Sushant or Shovik. NCB is trying to crack this entire chain. In this effort, NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede and his team raided Mumbai’s Powai and took two to three people into custody.

In this raid, about 500 grams of high quality buds have been seized, which were being sold in the market at the rate of 6 to 8 thousand rupees per gram. Drugs worth Rs 30 to 40 lakh have been seized in the raid and the three people caught are being questioned. Because the NCB is currently making inquiries, their names have not been disclosed yet.

Stars rush to overseas:

There is a possibility that soon the investigating agency will reveal something which will bring a stir in the politics of Mumbai and Goa. Presently many movie stars have already left Mumbai, some opting for Dubai.

It is possible that these stars may have jumped into rehabilitation to prepare for investigation by NCB.

A dozen ‘Guppy’ drug peddlers have been questioned so far in this case. It has also been learned that whenever there was online booking of drugs in high profile areas of Mumbai, it reached the address fixed after the fifth stop. Of these, two halts were members of the Syndicate and the remaining three halts were at local ‘Guppy’ targets.

With the names coming in the drug syndicate, the scope of the investigating agency in this case can go beyond Mumbai and Goa. ‘Guppy’ Fayaz Ahmed was arrested by the NCB from Goa. The information received from this chatter is very important. In this, the elder members of the drug syndicate will be questioned in front of Fayaz. Many big names of Mumbai have been revealed in the information so far.

Apart from Riya and Shovik, NCB has so far called for more than a dozen telltale inquiries. These include members of the first and second stop drug syndicates.

They used to deliver the drug consignment to the respective address. The list of suspects prepared by the NCB is getting longer. There may be 150 movie stars on this list.

Apart from the big names of drug syndicates, the local guppies of Mumbai and Goa are also on the NCB radar. In Mumbai, the names of many such politicians are also being said to be associated with this syndicate, whose name can become a big stir in the corridors of power as soon as it becomes public. During the investigation, it has also been revealed that there are several groups of drug syndicates in Mumbai. The command of each group is in the hands of different people. The names of six prominent drug peddlers in Mumbai and four drug mafias in Goa have been revealed.

Needless to mention that a huge catchment of drug’s in Delhi which were to be transported to Mumbai. The owner stands arrested in Mumbai’s Vasai. In another drugs/Ganja haul, Hashish worth crores headed for Mumbai was seized. Both the drug smugglers Ali Mohammad and Aamin Khan have been arrested. Similar arrests have been made in Himachal Pradesh and Hyderabad.

Similar raids and arrests are being made all over India but only marginally reported in regional news. New Delhi’s media has decided to ignore it. No wonder why.

Added on 21st September 2020:

Narcotics Control Bureau has busted an intn’l module of heroin, cocaine & marijuana trafficking. In the operation, 8 persons incl kingpin arrested & around 8 kg heroin, 455gm cocaine & 1.1 kg marijuana seized. 52 kg of contraband trafficked by this syndicate in last few months

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