War between India and China is imminent unless…….

The USA’s estranged love China:

China is behaving like a petrified paramour who was promised marriage and that lovely life thereafter which has been interrupted by a monster in law called Trump. China is hoping that on November 6 or whatever date election results would be announced, that wicked monster in law will go away and China will be reunited with USA for ever in a lovely honeymoon. USA will research new products and China will copy those and sell to the world. It will be all honkey dori thereafter forever till the world is explained to submit before the emperor of China err world. Unfortunately the world too is behaving like a jilted lover taking no hints from sweet gestures of conquest by China. Least of all being grateful to China for it’s great gift called “Covid-19”. Is it working on Covid-20 & 21 etc.?

So where does India fits in this equation?

Nowhere. That is the whole problem. While India has huge influence on China culturally, it is an eysore in the eye of Communist Party as here people have freedom not only to speak but also to howl so long there is no Communist government in power. Like those in Maharashtra, Kerala and West Bengal, right now. But for China India is just a territory to be conquered at a future date through it’s implants just as it is doing in Nepal rather successfully who is now a happy Mitlaufer in that journey towards Orwell’s utopia.

China hardly promotes tourism into India. Discourages it; is more appropriate. India is a bad influence on its sweet population kept in sweat shops to work for Communist gameplan of conquering the World. Therefore any opportunity to humiliate it must be sought and pressed all the times. Previous Governments had realised it is better to get some donation in party funds and part with a little land now and then.

Present Government in India is more emotional or what they call “nationalist”. I think they are right. If you can not be bribed to compromise the territory you are a nationalist. In case of USA it is the market they sold or compromised. As regards a Communist, he can never be a nationalist for they have no country they belong to Communist Party which owns the universe and project is to possess it somehow. Country or countries are non entities. Civilization is a curse except to brain wash people.

China is inside India’s territories for 70 years. 44000 sq. kilometres to be precise but it’s appetite is forever growing. Right now it’s armies are sitting in forward positions much ahead of its position in April or September 2019. If it goes back to that position, problem can be said to be resolved but being what it is, it won’t do that.

India China stalemate continues due to Chinese:

India’s foreign minister S Jaishankar spoke with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi for over two hours on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meet in Moscow on Thursday.

It was expected that a resolution to the prolonged military crisis that began early May in eastern Ladakh, would be reached. There was no official word on the outcome of the meeting except a frivolous statement issued by both, later. It is extracted below but you may ignore it like all treaties with China which are not worth the paper these are written on. Give no hoot to it.

These are 5 points Joint Press Statement issued after Meeting of External Affairs Minister and the Foreign Minister of China:

  1. “The two Ministers agreed that both sides should take guidance from the series of consensus of the leaders on developing India-China relations, including not allowing differences to become disputes.
  2. The two Foreign Ministers agreed that the current situation in the border areas is not in the interest of either side. They agreed therefore that the border troops of both sides should continue their dialogue, quickly disengage, maintain proper distance and ease tensions.
  3. The two Ministers agreed that both sides shall abide by all the existing agreements and protocol on China-India boundary affairs, maintain peace and tranquillity in the border areas and avoid any action that could escalate matters.
  4. The two sides also agreed to continue to have dialogue and communication through the Special Representative mechanism on the India-China boundary question. They also agreed in this context that the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India-China border affairs (WMCC), should also continue its meetings.
  5. The Ministers agreed that as the situation eases, the two sides should expedite work to conclude new Confidence Building Measures to maintain and enhance peace and tranquillity in the border areas.”

In 1959, then dictator Chau En Lie had drawn a green line on map and said this shall be our border with India. They captured Tibet and entered India but that green line is still away.

Given the Chinese expansionist plans to make unilateral cartographic changes in Ladakh, the disengagement process will not be easy as the PLA wants to reach that 1959 Green Line and push Indian Army troops beyond that line. Notwithstanding the above vague agreement, China has built huge military assault battery across the line of control to make the push. It has tanks, artillery more than 50 thousand strong troupes and not to mention the deployment of missiles etc.

This would be completely in violation of every promise and treaty including the 1993 Peace and Tranquility Accord, which talks about mutual and equal security on the border for both sides. But who gives a damn to such silly thing called promise. Certainly not the Great and Mighty China, the Middle Kingdom of the World, the righteous Ruler of the World. (Words from their literature not mine)

This is certainly not going to happen till an idiot is PLA Commander-in-Chief and President named Xi Jinping and called Xitler by all. He has already overplayed his hand post Covid and I suspect if he has some Covid 20 and 21 also up his sleeves which makes him so confident to unite all the world against him. Will he remain in office for long?

It is hard to expect that Xitler will instruct to his western theatre command troops to go back to barracks without possible loss of face which he does not postulate as yet. It is only poossible if either Xitler is removed from his office or it has to face a real war in South China sea. Not these display of naval toys.

For India retreat is no option. It may delay war by such meetings but if it was upon me, I would have called the think tanks to start drawing plans for retaliation and a quick strike which would place complete embargo in Indian Ocean, the jugular vein of subsistence for China.

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