Why Rhea Chakraverty was not arrested in Drug case for 3 days?

Today will be third day when Rhea Chakraverty (Chakroborty) will be visiting the office of Narcotic Control Bureau for investigation. Yesterday she came prepared for arrest with a suit case which carried herself into the office but she was disappointed and more so public is disappointed and every one is asking why she was not arrested?

Why arrest a person?

Arrest of a person is not a matter of punishment. Arrest during investigation is made to conduct custodial interrogation. It is used to assess the emotionally charged person and make him or her realize the vulnerability of situation and tell the truth. Actually this makes all the more reason to arrest Rhea Chakraverty and make her confess truth. Right? Actually it is not so simple. She is co-operating and answering all the questions and that makes her an obedient citizen. There may be many more legal reasons not to arrest but those can be read here in my book on Criminal Law in India. But here we are concerned with a practical problem arising due to personality of Rhea Chakraverty.

Let’s go deeper into the background of Rhea Chakraverty. She was born in 1992 in Bangaluru. Thus she is barely 28 years of age. It is not an age when one becomes CEO of a large corporation much less a conglomerate of Drug Mafia, as is being alleged by media. She is just an average young girl.

So what is special about Rhea Chakraverty?

Have you seen any movie of Rhea? I have not seen any movie but I would encourage every one to watch and see why every movie of her failed. She is a good looking girl. She wears fancy cloth. She has dress sense to wear hoodie yesterday to visit the office of NCB. She is said to have worked in eight movies. Though none was successful.

Why her movies bombed at box office?

This question is very important. The reason she is not being arrested is the same reason her movies were not successful.

She has also worked as Video Jokey and was not bad at that but her movies did not do well. No, it is not that she does not know acting. She does but there is a catch. Have you seen her interview, especially the one conducted by Rajdeep Sardesai for India Today?

With great persistence I endured that and watched almost 80% of it. The script was so predictable and boring but I was not listening. I insist that you look at that interview and watch with voice muted. See here:

Please also keep a watch on Rajdeep who is notorious to wave and rub hands too much. What Rhea is doing while talking? Nothing. She is shaking head, twitching her eyes, occasionally raising and waving hands and move forward or side ways, whenever she is supposed to be emotional. Watch it several times and remember that she is an actress by profession. What did you notice?

Nothing. No Emotion!!

She is unable to display any emotion from her face. She never has any. She is trying to substitute the facial emotion with various actions of hand, eyes, smiles and what not. But her face shows no emotion of any kind. Actors can talk with their faces alone, without speaking a word. But Rhea’s face is always flat like stone. Why?

The simple explanation is that she felt no emotion and was just doing the job she was supposed to do but it appears to me that the reason is not that simple. There could be another reason which is a psychologically disorder. But before that, tell me that did you saw here coming and going from NCB office yesterday and thereafter visiting Bandra Police Station. The media is aghast at the confidence with which she is moving and it debating the cause of this confidence. This is not confidence. This is something else. I know the name but I will not name it. You search for the name I will give my opinion on diagnosis of symptoms.

It is a situation in which a person does not feel empathy or emotion. It is not one type of emotion but all type of emotions. From Love and Compassion to distaste and hate. It is the absence of ability to feel emotion of any kind. In society, where one is expected to display emotion, such people learn to fill the gap by twitching smiles and eyes; shaking head or hands and all that can be done but their facial skin displays nothing. See it side by side in this tweet of Rhea herself displaying two types of emotions:

In this clinical state there are many other associated symptoms as well, depending upon person to person. The one symptom that is relevant is that feeling of euphoria of being very important or doing something very important or revolutionary. A life time event which will change the world.

The upshot of entire discussion is that Investigating Officers are very experienced people and they are themselves assessing the candidate on various levels. Rhea Chakraverty in all probability is a fit candidate of narco-analysis and she will be subjected to that once all investigating agency come to the terms of their investigation as it shall be done in one go by all of them. Till that time, there is no point in keeping her inside prison. She on the outside has given more information by her actions especially by playing that stunt at Bandra Police Station yesterday. Therefore Rhea Chakraverty enjoyed her high table of importance till she was finally arrested today evening.

Why no Remand sought by NCB?

This psychological make up of the accused is the reason as to why the NCB did not seek remand of the accused for investigation and she is likely to be sent to judicial custody.

Note that a person accused under NDPS Act for drug peddling is not entitled to bail unless the Judge records a finding that on the basis of material produced before the court, the accused do not appear to be guilty. This finding is sine quo non for bail.

Finally the Black Girl Friend Rhea Charkroberty was arrested under Narcotic Act after 86 days of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput albeit on drug charges.

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