Kangana Ranaut, the prime witness of Dalda’s Mafia, gets higher security.

Investigation into the death rather murder of Sushant Singh Rajput has taken a new turn. The investigation started by Enforcement Directorate or ED which specialize about “Wealth without work” or proceeds of crime. It was followed by CBI, as directed by Supreme Court. There after Narcotic Control Bureau joined the fray with a special team as ED found the drug connection from evidence. So far it is simple to follow. Many drug peddlers were also caught in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Those who missed the south India, similar operation is going on in Bangluru and two actresses namely Anitha and Ragini Diwedi have been arrested with possession of drugs.

On 27th August I had cautioned that the investigation has taken a nasty turn and it is headed to the direction of DALDA. I am not sure who is DALDA but I have my guesses. But now it is all out war against DALDA. Immediately, after NCB came in, the prime person of interest Rhea Chakroverty gave a long interview, compromising her defence in criminal case. It appears that I did not understand the message from the interview earlier. (Read here) But message was not in the words. The message was run and hide. Huge quantities of drugs were recovered from trash cans in Mumbai thereafter. The operators are underground except those already caught. It is not easy to catch a professional criminal.

History repeats but often at different places:

If you are getting impatient that role of Kangana Ranaut is not mentioned as yet, please be patient. She is the most important person in this case. More important than the Rhea Chakroverty who is more or less a distributor in the trade and evidence against her is enough to book her for a long time under NDPS Act. Mind it all this evidence is in the form of electronic documents which are admissible as legal evidence. So what is the game?

My guess is that catching DALDA is impossible. He has no active role other than to pull the stings in higher echelon of political corridors. But the network of mafia is so strong that it has a power of it’s own which is spread deep into police and the society. We very well know that drugs originate from amphetamine or called “Afeem” in Hindi. It’s only source on a massive scale on this planet is either Columbia where too it is on decline or it is Pakistan/Afghanistan where the GDP depends upon it. That makes it a security threat. Because of the drug addictions, the movie stars were recently giving themselves into stupid blackmails of Pakistani agents. Not to mention their dependence on Drug money for making movies. It is a symbiotic relationship in which flop movies also make profits as the same is used too launder black money. Do you trust me on these facts?

Tell me how come that a movie which is a failure across India does so well in metropolitan theatres? How is it even possible? Business of movies in few select cities is more than the business in rest of India. How? How does a flop movie’s overseas rights are sold so high?

Search for Al Capone:

Al Capone was a gangster in USA (Chicago) in 1920’s. He was known for killing people and running an empire of illegal activities but hardly any one survived to be witness against him. He was prosecuted in a Grand Jury Trial which is somewhat similar to Commission of Enquiry in India but here it is toothless forum. Ultimately he out of brashness committed a small mistake of ignoring the summons. He was charged for contempt and put in prison for six months. Thereafter he was prosecuted for tax evasion and fraud and put behind bar for a long time. Here is the picture of the man taken in 1939:

Al Copane

Read about Al Copane from official FBI site here. To coming back to our Mumbai problem, the idea of Central Government is to clean up the Mumbai and to end the influence of Drug/Crime Mafia. The evidence so far is great but does not spread too far. Here comes a Gladiator on shining armour:

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana is actress and filmmaker of repute in Hindi films. She is recipient of several awards, including three National Film Awards and four Filmfare Awards. She has featured six times in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list. In 2020, the Government of India honoured her with the Padma Shri, the country’s fourth highest civilian award.

Tell me can there be any single more person who can be more trustworthy a witness in court then her?

She said it on national TV that 99% of actors and actress in cinema are on drugs. Note it that if a person takes alcohol regularly, most traces disappear in 14 days and certainly in all traces in 3 to 6 months. But amphetamine and it’s derivative are hard drugs. These never disappear. Not for decades. Now all the NCB is to do is to use the data provided by peddlers, Rhea and her brother Shovik and others and Kangana has to point a finger whom she saw taking drugs.

The Gentleman may step forward:

The third corroboration will come from forensic medical evidence generally taken from the root of hairs etc. to see if a person had been consuming the drugs. Apart from public humiliation, there shall be mandatory rehabilitation which means no work. But things need not go that far. They will sing like canary to tell their dealer/supplier.

Therefore, to conclude, the Y class security given to Kangana is not a political move but on the recommendation of investigating agency as this matter hinges on national security. The Government is protecting it’s prime (asset) witness. In coming months it may be raised to highest level of Z class if the political class in Mumbai stops behaving like crazy associates of Drug Mafia.

Meanwhile you guess who is DALDA and let me know in a comment.

If you are more interested to read about the corruption, investigation into corruptions and nexus of corruption with politics and crime, read my book on the corruption here.

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