How to deal with Islamic rioters

After Bangluru it is Sweden

Last week it was riots in Bangluru over a perceived provocation. Yesterday it was Sweden. In the Swedish city of Malmo over 300 people had gathered and threw objects at the police and burnt car tyres, setting vehicles on fire. It is not the first and it would not be last. In 2010 a school was burnt down after Muslim immigrants were denied entry. In 2017 riots erupted just because President of USA referred to the migrant problem of Sweden.

Migrant problem of Sweden:

Sweden has taken in a large number of Muslim migrants from Syria and Iraq, the two countries torn by civil war. But it appears migrants could not leave the war behind and carry it with their minds. Rising crime graph of Sweden is another cause of concern especially in respect to crime against women. This has upset the native population as well.

Since 2015 took in over 150,000 asylum seekers and received the most asylum applications per capita of any European country.

Sweden has long been a target destination for asylum seekers. Over 750,000 asylum applications have been filed since 2000, the majority coming from Syrians, Iraqis, Somalians and Eritreans. Recently Sweden has started to reject applications of many migrants but has failed to deport such applicants who have slipped into society in their ghettos.

What is the motive:

While the Communist/Socialist like to live in la la land of their own but the truth is far different and has many shades. Here I will mention one shade: Deportation

With violence, the.migrant group has established street supremacy. It does not matter if a few are arrested. They have better condition inside prison. But the question is: Can police start searching illegal migrant in the crowd surrounding Ghettos?

Therefore this violence has a limited purpose to serve in Sweden. While method to maintain supremacy is same in Delhi, Bangluru, Stockholm and Malmo but the object in Sweden is slightly different.

But wait a minute. Is the object really different. The protest against NRC or proposed National Citizenship Register in India is also to promote free immigration into India like Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims.

The reason is not far to seek. Muslim do not believe in nationhood at least not on paper. Even though Muslims are divided in 60 countries they do not give asylum to any muslim who have to seek Asylum in democratic countries like Sweden etc.

Baba Saheb Dr Bhimraj Ambedkar had called this Islamic riot politics as Gangsters Politics. India has a long list of riots and later playing of victim cards.

Now I leave it to the judgement of readers to connect dots and decide why these riots are happening?

How to stop rioters?

The one state which had been most successful in India in preventing riots is Uttar Pradesh. It ensured that identity of every rioters or as many as possible, is established and thereafter it went to recover the amount of damages from these culprits.

There is one more thing which can be dome. Police can use some kind of indelible ink which should be sprayed on the crowd rioting in the area. Thus the people who are hit by ink can be identified later.

In case of rioters, Sweden could do well to deport the rioters without any questions ask but that will not happen. Reason is that poison has attraction and it comes in different shades. Socialism is one such poison when administered in overdose.

Please share your views.

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