Terror attack attempt foiled in New Delhi, terrorist arrested.

While TV is busy showing CBI investigation in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Delhi wake up to a terrorist attack in Central Delhi, a few kilometre from President House.

The Delhi Police Special Cell has foiled a major conspiracy by the terrorist organization Islamic State. The IS terrorist roaming in the wake of a major attack in Delhi has been arrested by the police after the encounter.

Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested the ISIS operative after brief exchange of fire late night. The 36-year-old man is called Yusuf aka Abu Yusuf. He has various alias. Pressure cooker IEDs recovered from him. He was going to install them at heavy footfall area here:

Late night, the terrorist, who was trapped in the Dhaula Kuan area, was riding a bike and was going equipped with explosives. When and where he was going to carry out the attack is not clear yet. But in time, the police have nabbed him and thwarted a major attack.

It is being told that the Islamic State terrorist Abu Yusuf is a resident of Balrampur in UP.

ISIS and Afghan Connection

According to sources, Abu Yusuf, who was caught by Special Cell of Delhi Police, is has told about the Islamic State (ISIS). According to the police, this terrorist has confessed to contacting the leaders of terror sitting in Afghanistan. Its purpose was to carry out a major terrorist attack in India. According to the police, he used to talk to his bosses in Afghanistan through Internet call or cyberspace.

Captured terrorist Abu Yusuf told that his other accomplices were also associated with him in attacks in different places in India.

He was in direct touch of ISIS commanders. He had passports made of his wife,4 children. Earlier, was handled by Yusuf Alhindi who was killed in Syria. Later, Abu Huzafa, a Pakistani was handling him. Huzafa was later killed in drone strike in Afghanistan, DCP Special Cell informed.

IEDs recovered:

According to information received from sources, Abu Yusuf’s friend can also be arrested soon. Explain that in search of the helpers of terrorists and their associates, the special cell of Delhi Police is putting raid together in many places. Along with this, there is a high alert in UP including Delhi. Vehicles are also being channeled on the Delhi-Noida border. He also informed that the two pressure-cooker IEDs recovered from the ISIS operative neutralised by NSG bomb squad. He was also in communication with Islamic State in Khorasan Province operatives. He has said that he tested the explosive device at his village few months ago

According to Delhi Police, besides two IEDs made of pressure cooker which have been recovered from Yusuf, 4 live cartridges with a .30 mm pistol have been recovered from it. According to Delhi Police, Yusuf was coming to Dhaulakuan via Ridge Road from Karol Bagh. He was riding a bike, when the police tried to stop him, he started firing.

See this tweet posted early in the morning showing action in the parking of Buddha Garden, Delhi:

More recovery of explosives and arrests:

Abu Yusuf alias Baba, a member of ISIS arrested in Delhi, is a resident of Badiya Bhasahi village of Utraula Kotwali area of Balrampur district. As soon as this thing came to light, the ATS sealed the entire village with Balrampur police and searched. This sudden action stirred the village. There was no person named Yusuf in the village. However, it was only by this action that Mustakim of the village was associated with the name Yusuf in the ISIS organization. After nearly three hours of searching, the ATS received a huge explosion from his house. Only after this, the police took his wife and other family members into custody. Then the whole team returned after sealing the house. Police force has been deployed in the village as a precaution.

From Mustakim’s house had nine kilograms of explosives, lithium batteries, ISIS flag, metal box, two jackets worn to become fidayeen, inflammatory literature and passport of wife and four children, were recovered. A special team of ATS reached Bhaisahi village at about 9 o’clock in the night alongwith terrorist Mustakim. Bomb Squad and Dog Squad were also called. During interrogation, Mustakim told the ATS the names of the people from where he used to buy ammunition. At his instance, the ATS picked up Manihar, Mobin, Farooq and Wasim, residents of Gonda Mor Gandhinagar in Uttaraula. The arrested Mustakim and the three people taken into custody were confronted face-to-face in Uttraula Kotwali. He was questioned by the ATS for about two and a half hours. Later, the ATS went somewhere with Mustakim.

Mustakim became a terrorist after listening to social media.
Mustakim used to listen to speeches on social media. It was his habit to listen to the telephones for three hours every day with earphones. He also spent some time in reading religious books. He motivated the family members to offer Namaz. He himself used to offer prayers for five times. He insisted upon keeping women in the burqa, that no female member in her house dared to go out without a burka.

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