India China and armies standing eyeball to eyeball at Penang Lake!

The curious aspect is the dog. But dog did not bark, said Watson. That is the point.

Media is silent:

Chinese army was supposed to move back and it did except at Penang Lake area. Both sides have deployed armies in Lake area. American satellites show that China has deployed long range artillery guns. It has also build 26 new camps. It has also set up 22 new support bases.

China has put up a field hospital beyond finger 8 area. It may be noted that weather is getting worse and Chinese armies are not acclamitised for the lo oxygen mountain weather. China has also built two helipads in the area.

In the meanwhile the talk for disengagement and de-escalation is continuing but there are no assurances.

The preparation for Indian army are also under way but not much is reported in the news, as stated in the beginning. There are a lot of paid media in India which is on payroll of China but they are keeping their mouth and pen shut. China which is master of prapoganda, not using it’s pen soldiers is curious. Will there be a clash? Or is it a wait game?

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Please share your views.

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