If this is not war, what is happening around the world?

Iran under Attack?

Iran is not a naughty boy of the world as it seeks to present itself. It’s idea of the world is rooted about thousand year old ideology. Not many people know that when Babur failed in it’s attack over India he went to Iran for help, leaving behind his newly born son Akbar in Kabul. The King of Iran offered him help with the condition of converting him from Sunni to Shia. He agreed. Babur also agreed to hand over Kabul to Shah of Iran. At that time Turkey and Iran had fire power which no one else had in the world. The next encounter of Iran with India was Nadirshah when he ransacked Delhi for a week before leaving with the loot including golden peacock. Therefore personal people to people contacts notwithstanding, Iran and Turkey had global ambitions and they still live in those ambitions. Recently Turkey was beaten in it’s ambitious game in Libya when warplanes targeted al-Watiya airbase in western Libya. Later it was revealed that these were Rafale jets, which limited the identity of the attacking power to France and Egypt, the two countries within the range of the base that possess this type of aircraft. It responded by converting Hagia Sofia Museum into Mosque and visiting it too.

Iran under Cyber Attack

Last Sunday an explosion rocked a power plant in Iran’s central Isfahan province, the state-run IRNA news agency has reported. The report quoted the managing director of the power plant in Islamabad, Iran, as saying the cause was “wear and tear” of a transformer. No casualties were reported. This was not the first explosion. The series of explosions started on 25th June. Next explosion was on July 2nd at Nuclear facility.

Earlier an explosion of centrifuge plant at Natanz, destruction of the ballistic missile factory responsible for the development of nuclear warheads for intermediate-range ballistic missiles, at Khojir and the five other attacks on power plants (4th July 2020), chemical factories, all of them very close to, and possibly part of, known military sites seeks to send a message to Iran.On 15th July seven ships standing on port of Bushar caught fire without any known cause.

Aside from Natanz and Khojir, these other cyberattacks appear to have been carried out to make a point that Iran is under a watch and possibly under the watch of Israel. Tehran has attributed these explosions to accidents, but the statements have done little to douse the rumors.

Early this month, a previously unknown group called Homeland Cheetahs, which said it comprises dissidents in Iran’s military and security establishment, claimed responsibility for the explosion at a building in a nuclear facility complex. Iran had been flip flopping on blaming the Israel and clearly not sure whom to blame.

China to help Iran

China announced a trade deal with Iran worth 400 Billion dollars in a move which clearly ignored the developments in Iran and aimed at bringing Iran closer to China in International Arena. Is the timing no suspect? What is happening. A sudden deal of 400 billion without protracted trade negotiations? It is a moral support pledge to failing Iranian regime.

Fire on USA Ship

On Sunday itself in USA, it’s ship, the USS Bonhomme Richard caught fire at the San Diego Naval Base, where the ship was undergoing extended repairs. It appeared to still be burning on Monday morning, as firefighting efforts continue. At least 21 sailors and civilian workers were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and five remained hospitalized for observation as of Monday morning. Was this fire related to the fire at Bushar Port Iran?

Navel Exercise in South China and Indian Ocean

Two aircraft Carriers were around South China. The USS Theodore is in Philippines Sea. USS Nimitz is exercising in Indian Ocean near Andaman overlooking Malacca Strait. Remember the soft belly of China in Indian Ocean?

Think again. What are these events? Are we living in normal times? These quick events are violent overtures which lurk in the motives of the actors. Be warned.

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