Could you watch the 3TC Cricket Match?

A brand-new format called 3TC (three-team cricket).

The biggest names in South African cricket circuit took to the field for an exhibition match in Centurion on July 18 with one interesting feature – three teams will lock horns in one 36-over match in what will be a never-before-seen format in the gentlemen’s game.

Could you watch it? I missed and still searching you tube link to watch it. Please share if you have link?

The event has been named as ‘Solidarity Cup’ and is similar to WWE’s triple-threat match. AB de Villiers, Kagiso Rabada and Quinton de Kock have been named as the captains of the three participating teams with a unique set of rules set to enthral the cricket lovers.

Three teams in one match:

The Solidarity Cup featured three teams of eight players playing against each other in the same match today at the SuperSport Park in Centurion. And here’s how it’ll work:

Rules of the game:
  • The match will be played over 36 overs in two halves of 18 overs.
  • In the first half, each team faces 6 overs from one of their opponents. In the second, each team resumes batting, facing another 6 overs, but this time from their other opponents.
  • A draw will be conducted to ascertain which team will bat, bowl or sit in the dug-out in the first half. In the second half, the team that finished with the most number of runs in the first half, will bat first. In the case of a tie, the order of the first half will be reversed.
  • In the second half, teams bat in order of the highest scores in the first half. If scores are tied, the order is reversed.
  • After the fall of the 7th wicket, the last batsman stands alone. However, he can only score in even numbers.
  • If a team loses all of its wickets in the first half, it forfeits its remaining overs in that half with the last not-out batter to resume the innings in the second half.
  • Each bowling team has the use of one new ball for their full 12 overs.
  • A maximum of three overs per bowler is allowed, in any permutation. An incomplete over due to the fall of the seventh wicket is deemed to be completed with dot balls.
  • Each team will bat for 12 overs with their innings split into two halves of six overs each. A vs B, A vs C and then B vs C before swapping following the interval.
  • There will be a ‘last man standing’ rule where a batsman will bat solo and can score in 2s, 4s and 6s.
  • There will be 11 fielders on the ground at any one time: the bowling team will pinch three players from the dugout team to assist.
  • Most runs wins gold, second wins silver, and third bronze.
  • If teams are tied for most runs, Super Overs will decide gold; if all three teams tie, all get gold.

If you watched it on TV, please share the name of channel.

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