Are we in a midst of a World War?

Are these times of War?

The answer to this question depends upon what you understand with the word ‘WAR’ ? But I am sure there are two definite aspects of a war.

First is an aggressor who may and may not cause the damage but is never apologetic thus is an aggressor.
Second is Death. There is no war without death. Death of Civilians is more true in reality than perception. Civilian always dies unprepared. Soldiers bravely march into death as if death doesn’t exist.

Forgive my hubris, I have waited 117 days to tell this. We are in the midst of 21st Century War. Exactly 117 days ago, I felt that we are at war but nobody said it. So I started writing daily developments in a diary. Now I can say with confidence that we are at war. Each country has it’s own story but I will tell the story from India’s perspective, mostly. However a brief reference to Europe and USA is necessary.

I have narrated in a ten part series on India-China war scenario explaining how the war scene had to be leaked here. While China has moved back it’s troops from three places but it is still adamant at fourth place. As said earlier, it is 21st Century war which no one wants to admit. Why?

The China will not admit that it started any war because it does not want any military retaliation which it has no capacity to face. Search around. I have done and China has old re-engineered war machines which is no match even for India what to speak of USA, the Police Commissioner of the World. For example China builds fighter plane J-17 and Pakistan manufactures it but the Pakistan insist on Russian Engines not the Chinese ones. Other plane J-20 has not flown in any air show and it’s stealth capacity is in serious doubt what to speak of its mach speed.

USA and Europe will not admit that it is a war for the same reason they were saying that “It is just a flue”. They are still in shock that they can be hit that too by their lap dog “China”. Yes. China is their lap dog for decades and their capitalists were using the sweat shops offered by China to exploit it’s population and American/European companies were reaping benefits without any litigation for better conditions in their home turf. Read about this here where I have referred to a book by a USA official in this regard. So Why he did it?

The Villainous Shi

The Shi his the same word which is used in Feng shi. It means something like an omen or flow of luck in Mandarin. We do not know if China has engineered the biological weapon called ‘Covid-19″ in a Laboratory but we know for certain that it took no step to stop it from spreading to the world while it almost miraculously prevented it spreading out of Hubei province where the out break happened in Wuhan. Teldros the WHO chief was it’s collaborator in war crime which let it happen by spreading false propaganda which he is still doing.

While the city is under epidemic attack an anuual family dinner is celeberated by a hundred thousand people and all these people, after soaking in sufficient quantity of virus move to the whole world especially Italy and Spain where these Chinese workers were going. The USA sent it’s own people to get the virus. It’s white collared people who could caught virus from everywhere in China. It is similar to the two Cargo Pilots caught virus in China about a month back when the China had declared itself Virus free.

The Xitler could stop it but he thought that the way things are going, the spread of virus was a providential omen or SHI. He let it happen and he had an objective. A deep one.

What was the motive of Xitler?

It reminds me of a dialogue from a HIndi Movie ‘Deewar’ which is something like: ” I have money, Wealth, palace and what not. What do you have?’ China has everything. It achieved in 40 years what other countries took 100 years. All due to hard work of it’s people. But it still does not have what it wants. Status. It’s arsenal of nuclear weapons are useless without effective delivery system. It has an old aircraft carrier bought from Australia to be used as a museum but converted in a war ship which frequently heats up and catches fire.

Nobody trusts China with military technology, except Russia which too sells it old technology. No country has sold any weapon to China. To add insult to injury, the whole world bends over backward to sell weapons and technology to India. Even a Country like Italy which supported China’s Belt and Road Scam, refused to give it technology which it happily supplied technologies to India for it’s aircraft carrier. Can there be any worse humiliation? Especially for a country which thinks itself to be a super power?

Biological war

There is nothing new of unique about biological weapons. The USA and Russia by a treaty ended experimenting on bio weapons, long back and China besides rest of the world is a treaty. But how an ‘AIDS’ like strong and deadly but more contagious virus can be called a bio weapon. Especially when a few thousand people died in China and rumours were and are being spread by friendly media on pay roll of China that millions died in China or that it was there in this country in September or that country in November.

India entered into lock down 117 days ago and is slowly opening up when number of infections are going up every day. Why? Because it prepared itself to fight the virus without relying on supplies from China. Though my guess is the most thermal scanners and oxymeters are from China.

We are in a middle of war. China did not play well and has made every one an enemy. Its cards slip into open. Like all products of China, virus too proved to be not very effective any more. Those who called ‘it is just a flue’ were right but too early. We know flue for 100 years. It is a new variation. In a year’s time we may vanquish it and may prepare for the next COVID-21 or what ever.

The idea is to economically ruin the countries with military technology to force them to sell the technology to China. It is simple. From there on Xitler will take over to do next part. No more barking but real biting.

Meanwhile Indian airmen are practicing jumping at high altitude in Ladakh:

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