Now China thinks that Indians are idiots?

Sun Weidong, Ambassador of China:

In video remarks titled `Implement Consensus and Handle Differences Properly to Bring China-India Relations Back on the Right Track’ posted on the Chinese embassy website, Sun spoke of disruptions in the bilateral relationship and outlined five steps to clarify “some fundamental points”.
Here is the video:

Let me tell Sun that in India there is a saying “often people who spit have to lick and swallow it”. This is exactly what the Sun has done on behalf of China. Of course, the Government will just be silent but it does not change the opinion of people. Please note the YouTube channel above, that has published it first. The entire speech is so boring but the manner of Sun was such I had to watch the entire script to se if he smiles even for once. He did not. It smacks lack of sincerity especially since he did not cry in the end even if his speech was almost as sad in tone as a speech in a funeral announcing the time of different rituals.

Sorry we are not naive like Americans.

Check the link. I did not use the word naive for Americans. An American did.

Sun said China and India need peace rather than confrontation, need to pursue win-win cooperation instead of a zero-sum game, need to build trust, rather than suspicion and relations should move forward rather than backward. Can there by any more hypocritical statement.

Sun said pending an ultimate settlement to the boundary question, the two sides have agreed to work together to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas. After Chinese sends it’s troops, people die and now China is talking of tranquility. Sorry we are not Americans.

The Chinese ambassador began his remarks began by mentioning the violent face-off between Indian and Chinese troops in Galwan Valley and said it was a situation both countries will not like to see.

“On June 15, there was an incident causing casualties at the Galwan Valley in the western sector of the China-India border. It was a situation neither China nor India would like to see,” he said.

Sun referred to July 5 conversation between Special Representatives of the China-India Boundary Question, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and the positive consensus reached on easing the current border situation.

“Currently, our front line troops are disengaging on the ground in accordance with the consensus reached by the Military Corp Commander talks,” he said.

He said at the backdrop of what recently happened at the Galwan Valley, “some quarters in India raise doubts about the consensus reached by the two leaders, and have wrong perception of the direction of China-India relations”.

Sun said China has all along advocated that peace is of paramount importance and it was “neither a warlike state nor an assertive country”. What about this board in a restaurant in China? Is it assertive?

“The right and wrong of what recently happened at the Galwan Valley is very clear. China will firmly safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and ensure the peace and tranquility in the border areas,” he said.

“I believe China and India have the wisdom and capability to properly handle differences and not fall into the trap of conflict. We should seek common development as partners rather than opponents or adversaries. Why should we fight against each other that will only hurt those close to us and gladden the foes?” he added.

He also China-India relations have gone far beyond the bilateral scope and have global strategic significance in the backdrop of the current international landscape.

“Now the China-India relations are facing a complex situation. We should take a broader and far-sighted view, work together to overcome and turn it around as soon as possible,” he said.

“We should meet each other halfway, expand the positive dimension of cooperation, narrow down negative factors and refrain from doing harm to mutual trust and cooperation,” he added.

He said the media outlets of the two countries should also make their efforts in an objective, rational and responsible manner, avoid inciting antagonism in an effort to contribute positive energy to the steady and sound development of China-India relations.

He said China and India have a history of friendly exchanges for more than 2,000 years and “friendly cooperation has dominated most of the time”.

“For both China and India, achieving development and revitalization is the top priority where we share long-term strategic interests. Since the 1990s, China and India have reached an important consensus that the two countries pose no threat to each other,” he said.

Sun said that President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Wuhan Informal Summit in 2018 again stressed that the two countries provide each other with development opportunities instead of posing threats, which the two sides should adhere to.

“This is the fundamental judgment on China-India relations, charting the course for the development of our bilateral relations,” he said.

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