China realises mistake of having an idiot friend inside India.

China wants War with India. (Part 5)

While I was writing this post, news flashed that Prime Minister is in Nimoo a forward post in Leh, Ladakh. Here is a picture:

Prime Minister with CDS

Prime Minister will thereafter visit Army Hospital in Leh to meet the injured soldiers.

Wise Enemy vs. Foolish Friend:

The time old wisdom of having a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend has dawned upon China. The story of Chinese aggression started in April during first phase of lockdown. If you remember, you would recall the infections of Corona in ITBP headquarters and it’s resultant sealing of the office. After this the ITBP Chief was shunted out.

On 15th April or so when China decided to move forward from its old position, the Indian troops were not yet arrived. Both side leave this terrain in winters as it is uninhabitable. Chinese incursion happened at various places but prominent were Gogra, Galwan Valley and Penang Lake.

China wanted to have an observation post in Galwan Valley so that it could observe the highway to and from the Advanced Landing Site at Doulat Bagh Oldie. Click on link to read more. It is India’s military base with an Airport like landing base on which every aircraft can land including massive globe master. China want to have a human eye on it. Patrol Post 14 in Galwan Valley was that place. The importance of human eye in this era of satellites can be understood from the manner India conducted it’s Nuclear explosion in 1998. Entire word’s satellites were hood winked. The idea of China was that in exchange for this observation post it will withdraw from other places. India refused to budge an inch. This was unexpected as in last 40 years the China had used this very tactics to advance. Four step forward and three backward thereby gaining one step. Take note that till June nobody knew what happened. China was unable to put pressure on India. Now China decided to use its contacts in Delhi. The next negotiation was on 6th June and an article appears in Times of India. Rahul Gandhi takes up the matter in his hands on 5th June 2020. See this tweet:

Now th other media picks up the clue. Next is The Print of Shekhar Gupta. Then The Wire of American Vardhrajan picks up the story. All tweeted by Rahul Gandhi. A pressure is built up. Chinese decide to up the ante and they block the Galwan River. This is unprecedented. Weaponising the flow of water is a serious problem. All rivers in the west flow from Tibet. If such a precedent is allowed then India will be on a blackmail on daily basis. At this moment India’s bravehearts decided to face the enemy. On 15-16 June’s night China was attacked, beaten blue and blockade was removed, observation post set ablaze. Over 200 injured or dead or both on China’s side, it did not do what to do next. India promptly declared that China attacked our soldiers and they fought bravely. The last rites of martyrs carried out in full public view, live on telivision and clips posted on weibo the chinese social media.

Nothing demoralise an army more than knowing that leadership is afraid of death.

In armed forces, death is a celebration. Those who fear death are faced to live a dying life. Remember Man Singh and Rana Pratap?

The entire incident shook the Chinese leadership as they had not expected such brazen brutality. They were prepared in as much as they had deployed their most brutal 27 corp on the job but the retaliation was unexpected and result unforseen.

China, when in corner does what it does best. Conspiracy and Prapoganda. It approached it’s friends in India again. Now the friends, not realising that they have ruined the Chinese plan already saw it as an opportunity to bang the Government. Hell broke in media and everywhere. China killed Indian soldiers blah blah. Modi Government responded with equal vengeance and it became a matter of national pride. Sonam Wangchuk as a pride Indian with following of millions, made appeal to boycott China. Seeing the situation going out of hand, China tried to stop it’s friends but no effect. Friend had tasted blood. They thought that they can have Modi’s scalp. Ram Chandra Guha infact called Modi a Nehru not realising that he actually hurt Nehru by making him an expletive. Exhausted China released this picture:

Rahul Gandhi signing secret MOU with Communist Party of China in 2008.

It was a warning that unless the STUPID shuts up they will release the Memorandum of Understanding too. It worked and now everybody has shut up except the Government of India, issuing daily warnings and tightening the noose. A perfect plan ruined by foolish friends who turned it into WW-3 to the delight of the world as now India has to take upon China not them. More about this another time.

What everyone does not understand that China want’s to have accurate information of the area in Daulat Bagh Oldie as it is a strategic location for CPEC too but it is a week spot. Actually entire Laddakh is a geographical nightmare for China to fight a war with India is unless there is cooperation from within India like it happened in 1962 or between 2004 to 2014 when it could gobble small pieces of land on payment of small sums, you know whom.

It appears that the China has not learnt its lesson and has now asked it’s same friends in India to ensure that Government may admit that China is in occupation of Penang Lake area so that the China may make it permanent. To be witness Rahul Gandhi has now asked it’s party members to claim on video that their land has been taken over by China. His video’s only flared the things up. Unfortunately for China, it will make it impossible for the Government to make any concession to China. It appears to have already taken the matter to point of no return.

It appears that this friend will ensure a war between India and China just so that he may win next election. Just in case. Merchants of misery have a history of reaping benefits. Nehru became Prime Minister over deaths of over two million people in making of Pakistan. Rajiv Gandhi had thousands killed by his party members. Some members of Congress Party are now serving life sentences for the massacre of 1984.

More about geography of this Ladakh area tomorrow.

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Added on 8th July 2020:

A TV debate asking a pointed question about the lies spun on behalf of China:

Added on 6 September 2020.

See this tweet from Global Times, the official media of China confirming my view:

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