Confessions of a ‘Naive’ Nation called USA

I was amazed at the honesty of Pillsbury that he admitted that USA including Pillsbury himself was being naive in blindly supporting China for all these decades. At this moment I was sure that he will soon, in last pages of the book, explain as to why Corona type event will happen or not. He sounded so wise and observant.

After a gap of two days, I picked up the book and once I was through, it was anti climax. There is no clue. Even Pillsbury did not anticipate that China would interpret this pandemic as “shi” in it’s favor and use it to settle it’s score with the world. Why Pillsbury missed it?

The simple answer is that it ignored the genocides committed by China at all times. A regime which does not value human life is monsterous. It was British monsterousity which killed millions in India and else where similar to the Communist USSR and Nazi Germany. The reason lies in USA’s own genocide of native Americans. What was the number? 5 millions killed by guns and small pox? Just look up.

At the outset, I would strongly recommend to read this book. Pillsbury provides all the information and tools to reach final conclusion even if he himself missed it. I am extracting no spoilers. It is a gem. Go get it. But why he missed out in conclusion?

It also turns out that naivety can be chronic. The USA also financed the Wuhan Research Institute which was researching into Corona Virus and paid 3.7 million dollars for ‘researching’ the virus which eventually killed it’s own people

Another startling disclosure in the book was that Nixon was able to influence the Bush to continue to support China when all evidence led to different conclusion.

Here is an interview with Pillsbury about present pandemic:

The post World War 2 behaviour of USA was statesman like but only for a few years. Thereafter the USA has behaved entirely like a teenager high on harmones. The way it has nearly bankrupted itself in silly wars is no secret. The question is will it be able to face the monster it so craftily created over the decades?

As stated earlier, if a person has doubts about complicity of USA in creating a monster, read the above book. It can not be more candid. The World War 3 has begun but USA may have to fight it alone, unless……..

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