Confessions of a ‘Naive’ Nation called USA

The Hundred Years Marathon:

Michael Pillsbury, aged 75 years is author of the book named ‘The Hundred Years Marathon’. It is a book about the USA propping up China from an extremely poor economy to an advanced econmy. ‘Naive’ is the word chosen by him for USA, not me. Let me introduce to him:

Michael Paul Pillsbury is the Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C., from 2014. He is involved with China policy since the time of President Nixon. Pillsbury is therefore an experienced former government official who served in the Defense Department and the Senate staff. He has been recognized by President Trump in public at the White House as the authority on China.

Chinese wisdom is well known. In China they say “Deck the Tree with False Blossoms”(Through the use of artifice and disguise, make something of no value, appear valuable), and “Deceive the heavens and cross the ocean” (Mask your real goals with a fake goal, until your aims are achieved)

Pillsbury knows it all about China. Actually after reading 60% of his book I thought: “Oh. So this is what was happening. So this is how we landed in this mess.”

Please share your views.

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