Why USA or Italy or Spain are not winning this war with Corona Virus from Wuhan?

Chinese Checker:

The world is busy playing Chinese checker with the virus that originated in Wuhan, China and is now unleashed on to the world. Presently there are over 8 hundred thousand patients world wide with about quarter of that number in USA alone. The virus came in grip of last 50,000 patients in just 24 hours. This ailment spreads exponentially. The more people are caught with it, more will die and even more will be infected. Let me explain:

Chess problem:

A chess board has 64 squares. What will happen if we place one grain on one of the square and multiply it on every next square? Let me help:

On square one it will be 1 and on second square it will be 2. On third it will be 4. On fourth it will be 8 and so on. Can you now guess what will be the number on 64th square? The number will be


Yes it is that big. So if 50,000 patients are added every day to the population of the world, what will happen in 64 days? I hope that this time you have the idea about the magnitude of the problem. Very soon the USA is going to realize that it is merely chasing it’s own tail while the virus is spreading faster than wild fire.

By the way that grain problem of chess board has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Read more about it here.

But the question is why it is happening so fast? Could something be done about it?

Repeating the mistake:

The USA is doing the same mistake as the Europe is doing or earlier did. It did not quarantine the infected people. This is the guideline issued by health department of USA about caring an unhealthy person. Click here to open it.

The virus is unlike anything seen by human race ever. On top of it, China and World Health Organization has done a tremendous job to mislead the world. In these circumstances, it would have been prudent to isolate and study the ‘habits and characteristics’ of virus before declaring a war on it. Better still to retreat into shell like India has done to analyze the virus and hope that scientists and Doctors would be doing their job diligently in analyzing the virus.

Presently every sick person is making a new patient every third day or so in USA. By this rate, in 64 days entire population of USA would be infected. Lets hope that the virus respects it’s maximum incubation period of 24 days. In that case we may see an hiatus in 28 days. But would that be worth it?

1/20 of patients would be dead and another 1/20 would lose lung capacity to play any serious sports. As the say it:

May God Bless America.

And Europe too.


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