Chinese Corona Wuhan Virus entering third stage of community transmission in India

The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has also locked down 15 districts of the state on Sunday. It includes 15 districts including Lucknow, Noida, Ghaziabad and Varanasi. Patna of Bihar and Pune of Maharashtra are also included in these 75 cities.


Kejriwal Government of Delhi has taken an unprecedented step. The entire Delhi has been locked down till 31 March. Delhi will be locked down from 23 March to 31 March. All the services, except the essential services, have been completely closed by 31 March. Explain that on the instructions of the Central Government, metro services have already been closed till March 31. All incoming flights or private vehicles from outside, have been prohibited. No private vehicle or Rickshaw or taxi is permitted to ply on roads.


In Bhilwara, Rajasthan, 11 confirmed cases were reported — all doctors and nursing staff. The hospital they were working at has no record of treating a Covid-19 patient. Reports say one doctor had guests who had visited West Asia. Authorities are yet confirm the source and have imposed a curfew and effectively isolated the district from the rest of the state. They are going door-to-door to trace and isolate everyone who has been in contact with the infected, including patients treated at the hospital. Nearly 1 lakh people will be surveyed, say reports. Local publication Patrika reports Bhilwara had recently marked the death of a pneumonia patient who was not tested for Covid-19 — at the time India was testing only suspected cases who have come from abroad and individuals they have been in touch with. (The ICMR is now testing more pneumonia patients.)

Maharashtra and West Bengal:

The source of transmission for Saturday’s confirmed cases in Pune, Maharashtra (a woman in 40s), and Dum Dum, West Bengal (a 57-year-old man), too have yet to be ascertained. Neither has travelled to any high-risk nation of late.

Chennai and Tamilnadu:

A similar case was recorded in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on Wednesday. A 20-year-old resident of Delhi who had travelled to Chennai by train and was lodging there with others tested positive. He told authorities he has not been to any high-risk nations nor been in touch with any confirmed case in India. Reports say he had attended job interviews in Chennai before being tested.

Railways and Bus transport shut down:

In view of the continuous exposure of Corona virus across the country, the Railway Board has also taken a big decision. All the passenger trains have been closed till 31 March across the country. Railways has said that all long distance trains, express and intercity trains (including premium trains) will be closed till 12 noon on 31 March. After the cancellation of the ticket, passengers will be able to take the refund till 21 June. Similarly Bus transport has also been shut down between different states and within in many States including Delhi, U.P. Maharashtra and more states may announce soon.

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