Treatment of Corona Virus in India

Lopinavir and ritonavir are used in the treatment of HIV.
Lopinavir and ritonavir are anti-retroviral drugs

  • These drugs prevent HIV from entering the healthy cells of the body.
  • Both these drugs have shown positive effect on corona patients.
  • As per some reports the Government has asked pharma companies to increase it’s production.
  • Though the investigation is going on for the full effect of the drugs
  • And the report related to this will come in the next few days
  • India also exports both these medicines to African countries

Constant precautionary measures are being taken by the government regarding Corona. Several rounds of meetings are also going on everyday.

Experts believe that it may still take up to a year and a half to prepare for the corona virus vaccine, and the WHO is also investigating how anti-HIV drugs affect corona-infected patients. But it cannot be denied that if the results of these drugs on the corona virus are truly as expected then it will be India’s ‘Sanjeevani’ formula against the epidemic corona to the whole world.

In the meanwhile another death has been reported and so far two persons have died in India due to Corona Virus, since it’s out break. It is heartening to note that hundreds of patients who were suffering or were keo in isolation have been released to go home. Of course hundreds of them are waiting for similar fate.

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