Undeclared terror attack on New Delhi camouflaged as riots.

My conspiracy theory:

It started about two years ago in 2018 when a terror module was busted in western U.P. resulting in recovery of large number of guns, explosives, IEDs, timers etc. What was its connection with New Delhi? Most of the persons who were picked up by National Intelligence Agency handling terrorism in India, were residents of Jafrabad New Delhi. See this old tweet:

ANI (@ANI) Tweeted:
IG NIA: Searches have been conducted in Delhi’s Seelampur and UP’s Amroha, Hapur, Meerut and Lucknow. Large quantities of explosive material, weapons and ammunition including a country made rocket launcher have been recovered so far. https://t.co/y3eh1D4IiK (https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1077880340709019648?s=20)

In past about 3 or 4 days 50 to 70 policemen are admitted into hospital with bullet shot wounds. Gunshot injury is very rare as guns are not easily available to general public. There are also reports that in past few months police have intercepted smuggling of guns from neighbouring state into Delhi. See this tweet:

Coming back to Jafrabad, when police after equipping with bullet proof jackets tried to close in, arson started and the terrorists started to burn down the properties. Local supporters hurled acid and petrol bombs. Police was hand-tied not to shoot at the rioters as it was expected to keep a low profile during the visit of the President Trump.

President Trump and PM Modi

Delhi Police paid heavy price of this restraint when its own head constable scumbed to bullet injuries. Another officer from Intelligence was also killed in old blood. About 34 persons have already died with 200 injured persons are in hospitals. The media is busy in mudslinging. The left is accusing police of inaction while right it is blaming politicians for their role in the riots. See this tweet:

The politician involved in the aforementioned tweet has claimed that his house was taken over by hooligans who used to throw acid and petrol bomb. Police has reached places of aforesaid politician for investigation:

The truth as it appears to me that some terror module was holed up in this area and police had intended to sniff it out after the visit of President Trump was over. Undercover terrorists somehow panicked and set off arson to give colour of riots to escape. It is certainly possible that some local people also helped.

It is not clear how many of of those holed up in these areas which are under blockade for some time, have actually escaped. The police has informed that over 108 persons are in custody and are being investigated. Area of jafrabad continue to be under seize.

Lat’s assume that I am wrong and as media has reported these are plain and simple riots between two communities as Washington Post is claiming. National security advisor Shri Ajit doval is an officer of government with cabinet rank. In other words he is is the cabinet minister for homeland security to use the American vocabulary. Why is he visiting downtown remote area of North West Delhi for simple problem of riots between two communities? It makes no sense. Further when he went into few localities both communities accused some third persons of arsons. It was on camera.

What is most disappointing is that media has failed to connect the dots or is deliberately feeding the political masters by twisting the facts. It also appears that the government prefers to call it a riot then a terror attack as that will be politically uncomfortable. The truth however has tendency to surface and it will surface.

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