Debbie Abraham is an unintelligent lier.

Can a lier be trusted?

Lying can be human trait but to be a successful lier man needs a lot of practice preservance and expertise. Historians are the ultimate experts. British and Communist historians are the best in the art of lying.

British parliamentarian Debbie Abraham head applied for a business visa last year and it was granted to her in October 2019 for one year duration. Debbie is known Pakistan proxy who works under the cover of human right activist. Why she was given visa is unclear but according to you this statement issued by the government the said visa was revoked on 14 February 2020 and Debbie was informed by email. Yet she chose to insist on visiting India without valid visa and when she was not permitted she played the victim card. She was insisting on visa on arrival claiming to be some very important person VIP.

In a wonderfully conducted interview on telephone by republic TV it is clear that she is not only a liar but is also a very poor and unintelligent one. She keeps on changing her stand and shifting the goal post in the interview. Listen to her and decide for yourself:

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