Election results of Delhi and its analysis.

There was nothing wrong per se to subsidize some facilities for the poor but the aforesaid announcements were hurriedly made without identifying the poor and needy. In today’s time when entire population data is in computers it was not difficult to make it the targeted subsidy for the poor but that was not the intention. The idea was to lure every possible person to vote for Aam Aadmi Party. It is clear that it worked. Arvind Kejriwal got more than 50% votes and is forming the next government. But how viable are freebie schemes?

Distribution of freebies is not new in Indian politics. Many states have tried and economy of all such States crumbled. First it was Punjab then it was Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Punjab was the most prosperous state about 40 years ago today it be released makes it even as it hardly has surplus for development after repayment of loan and interest etc. The writing is on the wall and fate of Delhi would be no different but it doesn’t matter to Arvind Kejriwal who has five more years to enjoy the power. What about the challenger BJP?

BJP has lost the elections even after winning about 40% of the votes but it is winning ideological war. Look at this picture of Arvind Kejriwal, which is now about three years old and perhaps clicked on some occasion of Muslim festival:

Arvind Kejriwal in Muslim Attire.

It is impossible to find any politician in such muslim ornamental attire for past three years. Temple run before elections and otherwise is a norm for politicians. Why?

It demonstrates the hypocrisy and insincerity with which such dog-whistle politics is played. Exploiting the religious symbols to gain sympathy for sheer political motives. Congress party the founder of this dog whistle politics has also abandoned this tactics. It seems to have abandoned these elections too. But not the politics of Secular (Muslim) Votes. See:

Appeal to Muslims to vote for Messiah Kejriwal

Strange case of Congress Party:

Congress party which is the national party contested on all 70 seats of vidhansabha of Delhi and lost all. Vote share of Congress party stood about 4% which is almost less than one fourth what is got in May 2019. On 67 seats the Congress Party lost its deposit which means it was considered a frivolous contender in elections. Nonetheless members of Congress party are Jubilant at the defeat of BJP who who actually gained about 4% votes over its 2015 vote count.

Why BJP lost?

BJP contested vigorously and the fact that it improved its vote share from 34% in 2015 to over 38% speaks for itself. This is even more impressive if if we take into account the anti incumbency it has to face as it is in power in municipal corporation of Delhi where its performance is inept and inefficient if not entirely corrupt. McD is a non-performing corporation. Manoj Tiwari the president of state unit of BJP in Delhi had inaugurated the following utility centre in 2017:

Plaque of Manoj Tiwari

What do you think the status of construction of mini sports stadium which was promised to be built exactly three years back? Take a look:

Proposed Mini Sports Stadium

Nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing has been done. I wonder if municipal corporation even had the drawing of proposed sports stadium. There is nothing unusual about this scam. In past 70 years, thousands if not million plaques are installed before elections and rarely the projects are completed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi never forgets to mention this particular election strategy of Congress Party. The difference here is that this inauguration is made by the BJP members of parliament namely Manoj Tiwari and Meenakshi Lekhi. Both of whom conveniently forgot to do anything about it.

Another interesting aspect of election campaign of BJP was that they did not use television at all. While Kejriwal was hopping from one TV news channel to another with his own chosen audience, BJP ignored the medium all together. This is new first by BJP. A new experiment? May be.

This sums up the problems of elections. People have to choose between what they have in hand and what they are likely to get by putting a party in power. Aforesaid pictures of achievement of BJP are representative of their work in municipal corporation of Delhi which comes back to hound them. There are many examples but for sake of paucity are not repeated here.

The new government of Arvind Kejriwal is being sworn in soon. In the meanwhile we get a glimpse of the future ahead as there is no electricity since morning. It is a long time such power cut may have been forced unannounced but it may soon be the routine. For last about 15 years such power cuts were not seen since reforms were introduced by Sheila Dikshit who was chief minister for 15 years and who happened to be from Congress Party.

BJP meanwhile has to rethink its plans of state leaderships all over India. A media personality or performer of art or a good orator is not always good administrator. Delhi is the seventh state election which BJP has lost recently. It needs politicians who can administratively deliver the results. This is not happening.

BJP is nearly repeating its own cycle which started in 1998 with atal Bihari Vajpayee as prime minister. It started imitating the politics of Congress Party by trying to improve its caste politics. One such experiment was installation of Sahib Singh Verma as chief minister of Delhi. Is tenure was a disaster. From electricity to water to tomato, onions and potato, everything became scarce in his tenure. He was replaced by Sushma Swaraj at the last moment but the long anti incumbency which started over 20 years ago is yet not over. It failed to perform in municipal corporation where it has been given several opportunities by people. It is time that it may introspect and change the hardware that is the selection of human beings as representatives of the public. It needs to introspect the process of selection of candidates even more. It is time to replace Princes with Representativs.

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