Citizenship amendment and protest by Nasiruddin Shah and Munawwar Rana.

Triple Talaq was a practice in which Muslim person could divorce his wife why simply pronouncing Talaq three times. It had come to such a pass that the talaq was given on WhatsApp and SMS. Supreme Court held unconstitutional yet the practice continued and a law was passed last year making it a punishable offence. This has rendered the religious courts of Qazi without business. Most non-Muslims do not even know the existence of such courts.

It certainly took away a special privilege reserved for Muslims in India. It may be noted that this practice (of Triple Talaq) is abolished all over the world long back.

The next was abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir where in a part of area the Muslim population dominates. Under the special status some special miss deeds were practiced. Jammu and Kashmir is now union territory which means the police in the state is not controlled directly from New Delhi. The stated objective of this was to eliminate the problem of terrorism which is promoted there by a very unworthy holloween neighbour of India.

The 3rd decision was citizenship amendment Act. In real terms the problem with this law is that it does not give any special privilege to the Muslims. The fourth blow was from the judiciary which settled the oldest litigation of the country which was going on for nearly 150 years. That was the Ayodhya temple dispute. It was an ordinary property dispute and disposed of in the same manner. Of course it was not like by Islamists.

Islam came to India in many forms. The first movie was voluntary settlement of Arabs in present day Kerala. Second waivers The bandit invaders who were Pathan Turk Persian, Pashtun and few different races. Akbar and his descendants were Chugtai Turk who continued to speak that dialect tell about Shah Alam that is many decades after the death of Aurangzeb.

The British to legitimise their own rule called these invaders as Mughal. Even after independence the communist historians like Irfan Habib and Romila Thapar continued the trend of calling them Mughal as it made them more Indian than invaders.

During the rule of these Mughal who had control over Central India what is today’s Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and part of Madhya Pradesh large number of native Hindus Idea forcibly converted into Islam or choose to become Muslim for better privileges in the royal Court. Why converted Muslims were not trusted for the command of army they did act as a go between the royal Court and other communities.

In 1947 India was relieved of the yoke of British racist supremacy but it became a colony of Nehru family which continued till about 1990 when election Commission and Supreme Court both declared themselves to be independent of the government and started to act in independent manner.

After 1990 the Congress Party e which was now a family party of descendants of Nehru never won a single general election on its own. Hawa it was always in a position of influence and therefore special status of Muslims as a vote bank continued in variety of manners. There were riots near Muslim majority areas and rioters would never never be identified what to speak of punishment. Congress started losing state governments as well. State of Odisha was the first to fall and it corrected law and order problem so well, that people still vote for Biju Patnaik even if Odisha lagged behind in terms of development.

No coming back to the protest and our eminent intellectuals referred in above, their problem is the political Islam according to which they are entitled to special privileges and they cannot be equal to other citizens of India. That is the crux of the problem. How can a Muslim be treated as equal to are Hindu or Christian or a Jew or what ever that other faith may be.

In India the secularism has one meaning. It is the special status of Muslims within India. It can extend too demanding anything in the name of Islam oops secularism.

When the former President of Student Union of Aligarh Muslim University says that Muslims of India acting with restraint from 1947 to 2020 he is right. Watch and listen to him here:

We must be thankful to them that they have not turned India into Syria Iraq, Iran, Yamen or Afghanistan. We are grateful for this act of mercy. But the question is will the present government give into this blackmail of seeking special status in the name of secularism? This has been done by various parties in India and read about it here. Will they have Special status to Veto any law enacted by parliament or any judgement pronounced by courts of India?

As regard protests an interesting summing up can be watched here in Hindi:

Needless to say that most of common muslim have stayed away from the politics being played out by opposition parties in cohoot with Islamists. Hope it will over once elections in Delhi are over.

Please share your views.

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