India is not Jamia, JNU and Shaheen Bagh of Delhi.

The Engineered Riots:

The protests happening at Jamia JNU and Shaheen Bagh Delhi aur like three pedal boats set fire in ocean and we start calling that ocean is on fire. Zee TV shows, National and international are treating these incidents the whole India is on fire. Why the media is creating this impression? Is there some vested interest?

BTW 2 of those arrested from Seemapuri, Delhi turned out to be illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

As I had pointed out the other day the violent riots are engineered by Marxist as they always do. 30 years back they did it in Uttar Pradesh, and most of the industries ran away to Rajasthan. The town of Kota which has 1 million population today had one tenth of the population at that time.

It is for the first time that communist do not have a single member in upper house of the Parliament. They are running the government in Kerala State alone.

Congress party may have governments in some States but is being forced into being a junior partner in alliances as it recently happened in Jharkhand and is alleged to be happening in Delhi right now.

These are desperate times for these parties. For decades they have run the parties like businesses are run. Most of these parties are run by one family which above all is corrupt too.Therefore they have fought elections on emotions not on popular issues. They have never looked at their manifesto after winning elections and today their complaint is why BJP is acting on its own manifesto.

As I had pointed out in my tweet in the morning, those communists who cannot show restraint in TV debate are claiming that they did not start the violence and they are the victims not the aggressors.Delhi Police should take a leaf out of UP Police and deal with these criminals by treating them as criminals. In a democracy state has Monopoly over violence. If pressure group start employing violence to influence the society it is the breakdown of constitution itself which guarantees right to life with dignity to every citizen of the country.

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