The mad mad world of arms race and supremacy.

USA kills Qassim Suleiman:

In a drone strike that took place in bagdad day before yesterday Iran’s chief of republican guards’ outstation Unit called Quds Force namely Qassim Suleiman was killed at Baghdad airport.

It is another instance of love hate relationship between Iran and USA. That you have more barbaric relations then any other two countries in the world. In 1979 it was Iran’s turn to ignore the safety of us diplomats in Iran. Now USA has returned thr favour with threat to make 52 more strikes if Iran retaliates.

Iran had it coming when it’s supplied over hundred rockets to Hamas (?) in the west bank area of Israel. Suleman as chief of army who was responsible for organising ethnic minorities all over the continent in different countries and creating a resistance.

How does the Iranian army conduct operations abroad?

Iran’s Quds Force (led by General Suleimani), conducts intelligence operations abroad for the Revolutionary Guards and reports to Iran’s supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is believed that it has at least five thousand soldiers.

The Qud Force has also been deployed to Syria where it used to consult Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s loyal military groups and armed Shia militias.

However, the US says that Quds Force provides funding, training and weapons to groups in the Middle East that it has established many other terrorist organizations like Hezbollah of Lebanon and Islamic Jihad of Palestine.

Economic sanctions have affected Iran’s arms imports which has been reduced considerably compared to the Middle East countries.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Iran’s arms imports between 2009-18 were just 3.5% of Saudi Arabia’s arms imports in the same period. Most of Iran’s imports were from Russia and China.

USA is losing Iraq:

The fact that USA could not stop the movement of Suleiman in these countries specially in Iraq shows that USA may have military supremacy, it does not have the support of political leadership of Iraq which is undergoing severe social economic problems. Iraqi Parliament too has passed a resolution asking USA Forces to leave Iraq.

Iran has retaliated USA by firing rockets at the embassy of USA in Kenya and nearby air base. No casualty has been reported so far.

No one can deny the military superiorty of USA over Iran which is searching it’s glorified past when its rulers like Nadir Shah and Abdali would storm to the the Delhi and rob all people of their valuables.

War is nothing new to Iran. It is there bread and butter for past 1000 years if not more.

The question however is for the USA. Iran if retaliates with whatever strength it has; it is already on its knees economically: Would USA make another Iraq like situation in Iran?

In this ruthless and greedy world there is an assumption that no one would come forward to help Iran which does not have good relations with any of its neighbours. Its business collaborators like China and Russia are unlikely you come to it’s rescue from such a distance. Even if they do how and who will bear the cost of such military operations?

Syria was important for Russia as it is a buffer zone and if Syria had fallen, Russia would have had to face the USA at its doorstep. Iran has no such luck.

The next door neighbour of Iran that is Pakistan has already switched royalty to USA for 2 billion dollars which will perhaps be spent in training of its military personnel in USA.

Would European Union be able to make a deal between Iran and USA when mediation affairs recently under took by Japan have already failed?

USA is in this game of destruction and war to establish its supremacy and control over Iraq not to say the entire region. What Iran has in this confrontation?

Superiorty complex without strength is meaningless. A country in bad relationship with all its neighbours is more vulnerable.

Merchant economy like China which is equipping itself by reverse engineering the arms and weapon technology of Russia, is not a very reliable help even if China does intend to help and steps in to help.

In any case Iran does not show itself in shining colours when it comes to diplomacy. It is the same Iran and Suleman who had supported USA first by condemning 9/11 attack and later when it took on Taliban in Afghanistan.

The war cry in media about starting of World war III is ludicrous. Most countries have learnt from their experience except maybe Iran and Pakistan. It would be interesting to see two rogue countries facing each other.

In any case India would stay out of this madness which has no clearly defined and game. At least I hope so.
Note: I have deliberately left the domestic politics of USA out of this column.

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