Boris Johnson beats Corbyn in UK elections!

What UK elections meant to the world:

The election in UK was more than a contest of personalities as media wanted to make it. The left leaning media in UK tried best to lampoon Boris but it remained unsuccessful.

As it turns out the precise and positive campaign of Boris won over ambiguous and ambivalent election campaign of corbyn.

As in United States or India earlier, now in UK, the left parties are in shambles. The Labour party in UK has few lessons to learn from this election. In fact all leftist parties can learn from elections in all the three countries.

Left leaning parties which started off representing massive working class are today completely out of touch with ground realities. Leftist leaders are more capitalist then the Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. While the latter two gentleman, travel in economy class, the left liberal travel in private jets.

This ostentatious egalitarianism has stopped to give the electoral dividend as it used to deliver in the past.

The left parties with all its intellectual and media prowess is caught up in its own ecosystem and is thus completely isolated from the thinking of common elector. Their socialism is as hollow as an empty well. Their promises of distribution of freebies did not work in UK.

Next year New Delhi is going to polls for its state election. The present Chief Minister Kejriwal has recently turn into a Santa Claus and started distributing freebies. Free electricity for small households with less consumption and free bus travel for ladies. For four and half years Kejriwal did nothing except gaining weight by at least 10 kg. Compare his present picture with old pictures when he was agitating against corruption. Now he is on freebie spree.

The world has really shrunk. Election results in UK would certainly be giving sleepless nights to Kejriwal who must be thinking of more promises of freebies if not freebies itself.

Kejriwal’s propaganda budget has broken all records. It will be interesting to see how all these Rob Peter to pay Paul policies of socialism will work for Kejriwal.

After the election results in in UK the media shall have to seriously rethink its role in politics. The media has turned into a propaganda machine for a certain section or the other, completely divorcing itself from the facts or objectivity. This social media has made the mainstream media like newspapers or television completely irrelevant. The question for media is:

Will the mainstream media survive after this decade?

To me it looks doubtful. There are hundreds of paid YouTube channels run by individual journalists which have come up in India only to differ analyse the hypocrisy and fake news of mainstream media. Millions are following these channels.

Just an example of fake journalism:

Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed last weekend. John Elliott is an American journalist posted in New Delhi. He blogs as ‘riding the elephant’. In the linked post he has written that the bill is about national citizenship register in India. It is a patent lie. The Bill passed last weekend was to give an amnesty like citizenship two non Muslims who have already taken shelter in India for decades due to persecution in neighbouring countries.

If only Elliott had cared to listen to the speech of Home Minister in the parliament he would have known the difference between present bill and national citizenship register.

By the way John Elliott lives at golf links in New Delhi which must be the most expensive location in India. I always read his blog to understand what Elite thinking is in the world.

The law relating to National citizenship register is yet to be enacted.

All the best to Boris Johnson on his second term as prime minister and being part of history that will be written with brexit.

Lee Kuan Yew in his memoirs wrote this about leftist politics:

“Ostentatious egalitarianism is good politics. For decades in Mao’s China, the people wore the same-style Mao jacket and trousers, ostensibly of the same material with the same ill-fitting cut. In fact there were different grades of Mao jackets. A provincial leader in charge of tourism explained to one of my ministers that while they might look alike, they were of different quality cloth. To emphasise his point, he unbuttoned his jacket to show that it was fur-lined.”

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