The Real Holloween Country of the World.

Do Holloween scare you?

What if monsters actually exist?

There is a monster country which is very successfully hiding it’s monster deeds for decades but the world knows it or will know it eventually. Can you guess it’s name?

Holloween Country:

People are afraid to hang up it’s flag in any country except those who are paid to do so. The citizens of this Holloween country hide their citizenship when abroad. When they open restraunt abroad, they call it Indian Cuisine restaurant. Any guess now?

In it’s arrogance towards it’s own citizens, it lost half of its Country in 1971. The lost new country has higher foreign reserve and per capita income then the Holloween country.

It is estimated that it killed half a million people in 1947 and again a million people from 1947 to 1971 and again about a quarter of a million from 1971 to date. All its own citizens.

Holloween country fought four wars with its neighbour and lost all and therefore now it sends proxy terrorists to satiate it’s hatred.

Holloween country is mothership of terrorism in the world and every single terrorist attack anywhere in the world is linked to it directly or indirectly.

In 1947 it kicked out half a million citizens by attacking/confiscating their wealth and most of these people settled in New Delhi whose gdp today is about 110 billion dollars. GDP of Holloween country is about 300 billion dollars. Two top cities of this monstrous place together do not have combined GDP of 100 billions dollar. (Karachi is 64 billion, Lahore 35)

Any person of any country who visits this country is stripped searched at most airports but especially in USA. It’s prominent citizen explained the pain of carrying it’s passport:

The citizens of this Holloween Country are so competent that they can carry four legged animal on a two-weelar. See:

For it’s neighbours, every day is Holloween.

Rest of the world may enjoy Holloween for a day.

Please share your views.

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