India to launch National Intelligence Grid, very soon.

Remember Hollywood TV Show called ” Person of Interest”?

Soon it would not be entirely fictional. India is going ahead it’s long pendinding plan to form a National Intelligence Grid.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah is going to hold a high-level meeting on Friday to launch the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID).
India is facing Jihad since it’s inception i.e. 1000 years and it fell before Temurite dynasty because of its failure to have proper intelligence. India was prepared for a war of supremacy but what arrived was a death match. The genocide and destruction that followed has parallel only in ISIS and it’s deeds.

9/11 in USA is another example of gross failure of Intelligence. Last 6 years in Indi have been remarkable as terrorists have been caught in preprations but no civilians have been attacked.

Reverting back to NatGrid, it will start working by the end of the year.

According to sources, in NetGrid, two Guptas have been given the responsibility to find out where the obstacle has been in this project. The first is Saurabh Gupta, who was appointed to NetGrid just two and a half months ago. The other is Ashish Gupta, who is a joint secretary and an old government employee. They have the responsibility of bringing NetGrid to life since 2014, when Ashok Patnaik became its CEO.

NetGrid is an intelligence grid connecting the security agencies of the Government of India, which was created for the purpose of sharing the data of all agencies with each other. However, since its formation, due to various obstacles, it could not function smoothly. Now the sources are confident that once this agency is started again, it will go a long way in tracking terrorist organizations and suspects.

The source said that if a suspect is being tracked by agency before apprehending, then this task will become very easy. In one click, you will be able to get the information of the suspect’s mobile number, his property, current location, bank account and travel. Another source said that this used to happen only in films earlier, but now if someone suspicious is traveling in a train, then we will be able to track it at rear time, railways and airlines will have the facility of real time tracking. The bank will also give the information related to the reservation but it as to be very careful due to various legal issues involved in it.

Thus whatever evidence/information, the investigative agencies have collected, will be shared with all the agencies. Data collected against every suspect can be tracked real time.

Let’s look forward and see how it pans out in real world.

Privacy is always an issue but that is so frequently trampled by every Government, the real issue remains the actual result.

A picture of Jihadi arms recovered recently:

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