Why Kashmir is not boiling after abrogation of article 370?

The story of Kashmir is story of India. However in case of Kashmir the history is far more certain. Kashmir is the only region which has a recorded history of about 2000 years. This is compiled in Sanskrit and is called Rajatrangini compiled by Kalhana and his successors and is in five volumes.

Politicians often do not read and certainly not the mundane subjects like history. They don’t care so long they win. However it may become difficult in this information age. Journalist are even worse. They decide what will happen and when it does not happen, some of them confess, others move on. (Watch Shekhar Gupta’s confession on 2019 election results)

In 1305 A. D. when Raja Simha Deva was king, Kashmir was a country of drunkards and gamblers, and the women were no betterthan they should be. In this reign Zulkadar Khan,’ the Tartar, invaded” Kashmir, and helpless Simha Deva fled to Kishtwar.

His commander in chief put up a fight but could not succeed. Tartar Zulu looted people and after 8 months left while setting the Srinagar (capital) on fire. This was the first in ling series of invasions and occupation of Kashmir. If Zulu was Barbarian Butcher so were all those who followed him and whom Hindu called mlechas. The first Muslim King was a Buddhist who converted by choice but did not live long.

Next 400 years were worst night mare. Like many places in India, Barbarians would come rule commit every atrocity, one could think of and would be succeeded by another. Rate of tax was raised to 90% at times.

It was the rein of Gulab Singh in 1846 which brought peace in the region which was once again shattered by Pathan invasion in 1948 who looted raped women, maimed and killed people. The Indian army was airlifted and it had to face it’s first war at Srinagar airport itself. Attackers were pushed back but before they could be removed fully Nehru ordered cease fire unilaterally. The area of Gilgit Baltistan which bordered with Afghanistan and Central Asia was usurped by Pakistan.

Coming back to 370 and accession, most people are celebrating. Some silently some openly. However not a single Kashmiri speaking person from Gilgit Baltistan, has come in open to oppose this move.

The genocide being carried out by Pakistan against its minority does not make it popular in Shia, Dogra, Bakarwal and many other muslim Population of pakistan. Remember in 1999, Kargil war the villagers were first to point out invasion. About demography of Kashmir, read here.

It is said the Kashmiri people have better sense of history then many other places in India. Looks like, we shall soon know about it.

Ladakh is celebrating it’s release from yoke of Kashmir. Jammu may have wanted the same but yet it is celebrating removal of 35-A which kept 1.5 million people without citizenship of Kashmir!!

In Kashmir Valley there may be 4-5 district in South, where the trouble makers are. They are counted and being watched. With Jammu and Kashmir becoming Union Territory, the law and order is in the direct control of Central Government.

The theatre of stone palters with the connivance of two corrupt regional parties (NC & PDP) is over.

The problem may not be entirely over. But theatre will be over. Now there will be real people who will have to come out and court arrest. No more leniency of earlier staged protests.

Every person worth salt in Srinagar is heavily invested in properties in rest of India. They study, do business with rest of India. Who with same sane mind wants trash can Pakistan?

Insane will be treated. Free healthcare Ayushman Bharat will be extended.

In Rural Kashmir, elections were held last year, for the first time ever. It resulted in landslide victory of BJP. The jubilant new leaders are trusted to ensure smooth sailing in their areas.

As regards the Muslims in Kashmir, Pakistan rather in entire subcontinent and their ancestors, here is a good article by Chidanand Rajghatta.

As regards the difference between Pakistan occupied Kashmir and J&K, listen to this Pakistani:

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