What Indians do better than others?

Patience with different types of people and their habits. Not that all people can do it but those who can, do it better.

Maths. While some need calculators but generally people do it on fingers.

Technology is handled quickly. An illiterate can handle mobile. A bare literate can handle smart phone.

Savings. With asceticism as higher standard, extravagance is exception. People save more than anywhere in the world. India and China consume half of world’s gold every where.

Scale. Every thing happens in millions. No other country has the kind of public kitchens like India. Feeding millions every day all over India. See link about Akshay Patra (meaning Eternal Bowl) scheme of ISKON temple.

‘Pradhan Sevak’ PM Modi To Serve ISKCON Affiliate Akshaya Patra’s Three-Billionth Meal To Poor Schoolkids In Vrindavan

Language. Entire population is multilingual. Most people speak three languages and qualify as polyglot.

Finance. 50 % urban population live in their own house. Very few home loans. Almost negligible personal bankruptcy.

Colours. Go anywhere, people are dressed in so many colours. It happens no where.

Hygiene. Most people bath daily. Not bathing daily is a rarity. I do not know anybody who does not bath daily.

Advise. Solicited or not, no Indian refuses to give advise on any topic or subject.

Gossip. Sitting together, gossiping for hours is favourite pass time of India. Even more interesting fact is that many people visit India to gossip. Sad that gossip tourism is not promoted.

Family. No matter what, marriage or what, it is always a big and bigger family. Moving out of parents’ home is unusual. Turning parants out is considered weird. Relationships evolve and family remains.

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