Mahua Moitra, a true product of Macaulay’s education system

Mahua Moitra is a first time MP from West Bengal fielded by a fascist corrupt regional party called Trinamool Congress or TMC.

In her maidan speech in parliament she called Narendra Modi or BJP’s government as fascist and narrated several signs of fascism. These are:

unfortunately Moitra picked tha above signs from the same american web site from where I have picked.

Now, there is nothing wrong in quoting others. This is how the entire edifice of knowledge is built but to say that it is spoken from heart is typical Macaulay’s product.

At the end of her speech she even mentioned that ‘her’ points were mentioned in a museum in USA. Note ‘her points’

Macaulay was the person incharge of putting in place the (English) education in India by British in 1860 or so. BTW the Penal Code was also drafted by him. His idea was to create intermediaries through whom to perpetuate British rule over India.

Natives know nothing:

Moitra has demonstrated what is wrong with the mind set of the system. Moitra migrated to USA at the age of 15 where she received her entire education and started career as investment banker. Few years back she decided to plunge into politics, (leaving her American husband back in USA?) in India in the worst party called TMC.
Back to India she retains her mind set of treating ‘natives’ as ignorant fools upon whom she can translate anything from web and shower the ‘natives’ with ‘her’ wisdom. It was possible to say later that she forgot to quote while in Parliament. On the contrary Moitra reietrated in an interview, later that she spoke from her heart.

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