Adieus Manmohan Singh

The session of 17th Lok Sabha has started today and two previous prime ministers shall not be its member. Sh. Dev Gowda lost his election and Sh. Manmohan Singh’s term ended last Friday, unceremoniously. The aspirant to PM office Rahul Gandhi chose to play truant, as he always does on important occasions. He did appear later in the day to take oath of membership of new house.

The Dummy Prime Minister:

Never before in the history of modern democratic world, a fraud worse than Manmohan Singh has been perpetuated upon people of any country. At least not to my knowledge. See this video which amply demonstrates the point literally.

Befitting silent farewell:

Dr Manmohan Singh, who assumed the charge of the country’s prime minister for ten years as a Member of Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament), was very quietly retired.

Friday was the last day of his fifth innings as a Rajya Sabha (Upper House) member. Like other members, he did not have the opportunity to share his experiences as MPs in the House nor did he get farewell on behalf of the Rajya Sabha.

Though I wonder what would be said in farewell?

He sat in office citing statistics when food inflation soared to 40% and he could think of nothing to remedy?

He was in office when currency slipped from about 40 to a dollor to 70 a sttep fall of over 40 % in 4 years? ‘Was he really an economist ?’ I would like to ask him.

What was he doing when bank loans without sufficient collateral were given to cronies?

What he did to remedy scams? Oh wait a minute, he was the kingpin who diluted cabinet into dozens of empowered committees to ensure it happens without obstacle.

In 2009 his coalition won sufficient majority on its own. People trusted him as he was the finance minister in 1991 who saw the economic fascism imposed by British/Nehru/Gandhi dismantled.

The opening of economy had brought qualitative change in the lives of people. People wanted Singh to repeat that performance as prime minister. After all Singh means Lion.

What did he do? He became a puppet prime minister in the hands of Italian Mafia. 2019 elections are a proof that Italian Mafia can not win on its own and that win of 2009 was that of Manmohan Singh.

The session of Parliament for that matter, the people will not miss the person whose name was lion but who is tamed can of Italian Gandhi’s family.

Do you know the Gandhi were conned by their own staff into believing that they are returning to power in 2019? Read about it in Hindi, here.

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