Beware, Modi is back for 5 more years.

I had predicted on 7th May 2019, even before 6 and 7th phase of polling that it is not a Modi wave but it is Tunami. As it turns out that we have a new word for us “TsuNamo” for the phenomenon.

BJP, the ruling party is comfortable around 300, far above the required 272 seats in Parliamnet required for for majority to form the government. Total tally with allies would be around 350 give and take a few seats.

There is no surprise to me at all. When opposition has no story to deliver and gets abusive, people will choose the man even with a (plausible) narrative. In case of Modi it was more than plausible. It was continuation of what he started and to take it further.

Add to it the narrative that common people have no threat from terrorism, in a country where 90,000 deaths have occurred due to terrorism in last 30 years. What these champagne sipping election/media managers think of masses? Dumbwit like the president of the party they represent?

A single most factor which swayed the balance was almost complete clamp down on cash for vote. In many constituencies it had become norm. Reconcile this fact that in 2014 about 300 crore rupee worth cash and goods were seized during elections. This was suspected to be used for bribing the pppr voters. What is the amount seized this year?

It is staggering 3200 crores. Yes. It appears that seizre sucked up most cash at most of places, especially where victory margin was likely to be lower.

The dynasts lost in a big way. The “son of so and so” did not work and they lost. Mostly from Congress. Some of big losers in Election 2019:

1. Misa Bharti- Lost
2. Prakash Ambedkar- Lost
3. Prakash Raj- Lost
4. Kanhaiya- Lost
5. Urmila- Lost
6. Shatrughan- Lost
7. Yakub Qureshi- Lost
8. Supriya- Lost
9. Dimple Yadav- Lost
10. Deve Gowda- Lost
11. Digvijaya- Lost
12. Atishi- Lost
13. Jyotiraditya- Lost

Rahul Gandhi lost his traditional seat in Amethi to Smriti Irani despite the fact that she had made her intentions clear 5 years ago but the arrogant dynast saw no need to nurture it.

9 ex chief Ministers of Congress lost. One ex Prime Minister from south, lost election along with his grand son while the son is presently Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Son of present Chief Minister of Rajasthan lost from Jodhpur. So much for popular support.

Chandra Babu Naidu, CM of Andhra Pradesh who was hopping from one state to another to form a coaliation could not get one yes zero seat from his state. Needless to mention that this coalition had 22 Prime Ministrial candidates if not more.

Most wins have defied age old feudal/tribal caste politics. For a country as slow as it is, India has been through a revolution.

The questuon is will now Narendra Modi take more tough decisions to take it forward?

Lets wait for that.

Presently, congratulations to BJp President Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and entire team of BJP.

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