Additional facts about Balakot

The 2019 Balakot airstrike occurred on 26 February 2019, when twelve Mirage 2000H jets along with Sukhoi and other fighter jets of the Indian Air Force crossed the Line of Control in Kashmir to perform an airstrike on Balakot, Khyber Pakhtoon Khan, which was a terrorist training camp inside Pakistan.

Balakot as Mecca of Jihad:

Syed Ahmad Barelvi (1786–1831) was an Indian Muslim revivalist from Raebareli, a part of the historical United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. The epithet Barelvi, denoting place of origin, deriving from Raebareli. He followed Sunni Hanafi jurisprudence. He was the first jihadi who had waged the holy war against then King of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He chose Balakot as the place for war as it had locational advantages. Syed lost and was beheaded on 6 May 1888 and later buried at Balakot itself. This is the picture ofnhis grave at Balakot (from wikipedia):

Picture serves a reminder why dreaded terrorists must be buried in sea and not given a burial like a normal person.

Airstrike on Balakot:

On 14 February 2019, a terror outfit from Pakistan attacked a paramilitary convoy in Pulwama, Kashmir and killed 40 soldiers by a suicide bomb blast. India retaliated by conducting an airstrike in Balakot. A terror camp known to the world at least since 2004 but no action was taken by anybody so far. This document is circulating in internet as proof:

Proof of Balakot terror camp:

Read ‘Reasons for Continued Detention’ in the document.

Now if the above document is true, why no action was taken by those who claim to be in a war on terror? Why they are not taking action against it?

The answer is simple that nobody gives a sh** to another country. The world is a village with 192 houses in which there is no police. Each one has to respond to its own problems, it self. There is no morality in world politics only powerplay. It is plain self interest that matters. UNO is a coffee house which is used to humiliate lessor powers. No more. Only a naive like Nehru could believe it to be otherwise. (BTW Shashi Tharoor called Nehru naive in different context)

Proof of attack:

I don’t care what happened at Balakot on 26 February 2019 or how many died or not. I have a simple question, why Pakistan did not fly any aircraft in it’s airspace till 2 March 2019? Even after that it flew plans in western file and keeping Sialkot etc. in East, off limits. See this screen shot from

What has scared Pakistan off? Why?

Pakistan charges 5000 USD per hour per plane for using its airspace. Why let go of this precious foreign currency when it is nearly bankrupt?

Somebody on social media say that the move was to conserve jet fuel as it is low in stock. Another reason given was that it had parked its fighter plane in civilian airports to save it in case of further airstrike. Can’t say what is correct. Any help?

Please share your views.

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