Why Pulwama Terror Happened?

Kashmir is not just Kashmir but it comprise of three regions called Jammu, Kashmir valley and Laddakh. The main Kashmir Valley is 15,520.3 km2 (5,992.4 sq mi) in area. The Himalayas divide the Kashmir valley from Ladakh while the Pir Panjal range, which encloses the valley from the west and the south, separates it from the Great Plains of northern India. It is approximately 135 km long and 32 km wide, and drained by the Jhelum River.

The problem of terrorism is in South Kashmir where their are too many radical elements exist. It is less then a million and just five districts.

Though majority of population is Sunni, there are patches of Shias as well in valley and they are all staunch nationalists. Actually all Muslims other then Sunni, do not like Sunni. Even majority of Sunni do not support this Jihad and the ‘Hindu hatred’ which the terrorist who struck on 14th February 2019, had expressed in his video.

The problem is whole Kashmir is dependent on tourism and due to that, sealing of the offensive area is not opted. Vast majority is fed up with radicals. Recent election to Local Bodies saw 85% voting after both regional proprietorship parties of Mufti and Abdullah gave a call for boycott of elections. Both tacitly support terrorism.

After results of local bodies election, one BJP leader had pronounced that in next election it will emerge as powerful but he shut up and did not speak again.

In last bye election as MP when Abdullah won, just 6% people voted. Both these parties use fear of terrorists to come to power hence publicly ally with stone Pelters. The same Abdullah comes to Delhi in condolence meet on death of AB Vajpayee and shouts Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Though Ministers in front row were smiling at his opportunism.

Pulwama attack is an act of terror to reinstall fear in people. It is the power struggle which martyred the 40 young soldiers from all over India.

It was shocking. Seeing the political progress, it appeared that it will end the problem which started by rigging of elections in 1987 by Abdullah with help of Congress.

The then next door Terroristan won’t give up easily. It’s loyalist in the valley obliged.

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