Does UK gives foreign aid to India and it is misused to build Statue of Unity?

Does UK gives foreign aid to India and it is misused to build Statue of Unity?

The aforesaid question  was raised in Quora and this was my answer (with few additions):

At the outset, please do stop sending money to India. As a matter of policy India stopped taking foreign aid two decades ago. But many Governments and agencies send money to NGO’s in India for specific projects. Not all money is spent on right purpose.

The biggest headache is the money sent for one purpose but used for CONVERSION to Christianity. Poor people allured by brute power of money start wearing cross and worshipping a deity of Jesus in place if traditional deity, not even knowing what it means. BTW the Jesus is often sitting in a YOGA posture.

In past few years GOI has cancelled accounts of 11000 such NGOs which had not filed the accounts of money received and expenditure thereof. But NGOs misreporting or cooking books are yet to be caught.

This was about aid to private agencies in India. Aid to a private agency is not the same as Government of India.

Why India doesn’t accept aid from foreign governments

India has refused to accept foreign aid for disasters since 2004, when a tsunami killed more than 10,000 people on its southeast coast. The government founded the Federal Emergency Management Agency in response to the incident, and vowed to clean things up on its own.

India has remained steadfast in refusing foreign aid ever since — even after disastrous flooding killed more than 5,000 people in the northern state of Uttarakhand in 2013.

India’s National Disaster Management Plan, which was published in 2016 under Modi’s government, states that the government “does not issue any appeal for foreign assistance in the wake of a disaster.”

Therefore the call for stopping aid is misplaced as no aid is accepted by Government of India from anybody since 2004.

It appears UK too has Kejriwal type politicians who mislead people.

About conversion brigade:

Recently an American evangelist, masquerading as a tourist tried to enter North Sentinel Island in Indian Ocean which is part of union territory of Andaman and Nicobar island. This island is inhabited by an aboriginal native tribe living in a civilization which is 60000 years old and is kept protected by India. The tribe is violent and attacks the visitors hence travelling to this island is prohibited. The evangelist bribed some local fishermen (who are in prison now) to visit the island. The tribal people shooed him away. Yet he again visited for the noble cause of conversion to Christianity, he was killed and buried in sand.

What kind of war is this? War by conversion? Is this 21st century? Personally speaking this conversion business must be taken seriously by all governments. It is a war of another kind. War by allurements.

Please share your views.

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