The India’s war of survival

The stupid Khalistan

Yesterday while Indians were celebrating Independence day in London, thousands of Sikhs protested outside in front of National Gallery situated near Trafalgar Square. There were seeking declaration of freedom of Punjab as an independent Khalistan. Demonstration was organised by Non-Indian Sikhs. Mostly those who had perhaps never even visited India. In response the Indians held their own demonstration singing nationalist songs, dances and of course waving of national flag, the Tricolour.

Has any one seen such a rally by Quebec, demanding independence fro Canada? Would London permit such rally at Trafalgar Square. Would Irish or Scots permitted to have such protest? I would seriously doubt it.

The Khalistani conveniently forgot two fundamental but inconvenient facts. First why the sikh-khalsa was established. It was for protection of Hindus from Mughal. The second point was that the British cheated Maharaja Dilip Singh and acceded his rightful empire while converting him to christianity. As regards the Punjab, only 30% is in India, rest is in Pakistan including birth place of Guru Nanak called Nankana Sahib and the capital Lahore said to be founded by Luv. But then facts never stalled politics of ambition.

Yesterday it self, back home in India, National Investigation Agency of India arrested Abdullah Basit in Hydrabad, south India. About more than a year prior to this arrest, Basit was caught on Camera, in a sting operation carried out by a TV Channel, boasting about his methods and the objective of establishing an Islamic State in India. In fact he explained at length that democracy has no place in Islamic State. NIA kept a watch on his movement for over a year to ensure that he was not making a lofty claim.

For India 12th August 2018 was just another day in it’s battle for survival being fought everyday for over 1300 years.

There are 193 counties (UN member countries) in the world. How many countries have such problem? In east India there is active war with Naxalites or armed communists. Naxalites affected districts have been reduced to 15 from 39 this year. Up in North India, in Kashmir Valley five district are facing the problem of Islamic jihad. On North Western borders, Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned to export drugs in Punjab and terrorists in Kashmir. On the East of India, Bangladesh is helpless in preventing illegal migration to India, which has been tentatively assessed as 40 million in the state of Assam alone.

The war still continues.

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