Human programming: Are we ready to accept it.

Human programming is a fact for me but I do not think that everybody in the world is ready to accept it. More so, a large majority of people may not even understand it.  To understand the meaning of a word it is interesting to how different languages express it. But before that, lets understand what programming means in respect of computer program. Interestingly  when Woogle translated  it in Hindi it came out as “कार्यक्रम निर्माण” which if re-translated in English would be expressed as “creation of work/program”. Interesting?

Computer programming

The world programming is actually used in respect of computers. A program when in operation is also referred as “Algo Rythm”. The process of writing a computer program is called coding as it entails writing a long lines of codes in computer programming language. BTW the most popular language is called “C” and it’s latest version is called as “C++”. For example the first program which is taught to a beginner is how to make computer to give output of “Hello World” on screen. An example of the code:


using namespace std;

int main()
    cout << "Hello World" << endl;

Without going into computer programming into details, suffice it to say that human write long lines of code like above, and this code has made up what we call computer software or operating system and computer program. When I say human programming it does not mean that we can write something and make people follow it. Though it is possible and is happening at many places or cults. But humans are more advanced computers. Let’s now understand what is called artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new fancy word. What it entails? Artificial intelligence actually means that instead of writing long lines of code, computer is taught(programmed) to record and analyze the behaviour of humans using it and to modify the output of computer on the basis of the analysis. Sounds complicated and scary? It is not.

We all use Google search. Try other search engines also like “Duck duck go”. Try searching something complex and technical on each of search engines. The output would be different. DDG does not record any previous sessions therefore result is static but Google keeps a tack on previous searches and therefore performs a personalized or customized search. This ability of customization is primitive artificial intelligence.

When we hear about research in artificial intelligence, it simply means self learning computer so that the need to write long and complex code may be eliminated. It is expected that computer by observing the circumstances, parameters and characters around it would structure a memory which will respond which is “appropriate”. Sound familiar? Not yet?

Human programming

Human infants are born with no skill set or language or anything. These infants grow up and first learn to use their limbs. Simultaneously they learn that crying get them attention when ever needed. Then they observe and learn to walk, then talk and so on. Thus the human intelligence is “artificial intelligence“. That sounds shocking. If it is true then what happens to all that value system, the divine theory, especially the eastern philosophy that “Iswara” (near about God) is inside every creation? Is that all incorrect? No it is not.

Lets analyze a Hindi (Sanskrit) world “Sanskar”. When we translate in English it means many different things, namely “sacrament“, “ordination”, “investiture” and “rituals” etc. All these are correct but not complete. The word “Sanskar” when used in conjuction with other words, it means these various things. But when used alone with reference to a person e.g. “John has good sanskar”, it means John has good upbringing, habits, moral values etc. Today I would say programming is the right and appropriate translation for the word “Sanskar”.

Humans if divine?

If human intelligence is just a programming or artificial intelligence so what is divine about human?

Let’s consider this. Horses are trained. Dogs are trained. Cats are trained. In forest, animals also train themselves to survive. Some creatures are unable to train themselves much but  these are also creature of habits. If you find a pair or just one Dove sitting a particular place everyday at the same time and you create some obstruction for few months, the Dove would not venture in that direction even after obstruction is removed. So animals also get programmed. So how come Christianity claim that humans are superior? (not all religions claim superiority)

Actually the divine part is the ability of humans to see through this process. You are reading this and you can’t see it. First reaction should be that it is a far fetched logic. But when you see it yourself, in you and also in others how we are moving in same tether every day without even realizing, you ave touched that divinity.

The day we are able to reboot and re-program ourselves we have attained that divinity aka “Moksha”.

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