Human Programming is the most denied fact.

Can we now admit that humans are programmed to behave in a certain manner?

Why human programming is the most denied fact in human civilization? Fact of human programming is undeniable in face of immense technological advancement. After all what is Artificial Intelligence? Is programming machines is different from human programming? May be in procedure but the contents or essence of the programming is not very different. Human programming is based on past and starts from the scratch. At the beginning human programming involves no written Code. The written Code is last stage of programming. Formation of opinions by reading is that part. Following written rules or laws is that part of programming. In case of artificial intelligence, foundation of artificial is based on written code created by programmer.

Human Programming and religion:

Religion is the most important programming institution and yet it hypocritically and vociferously denies it. Religion programs an individual’s all aspects of life. It is now beyond disputes that some of these religious institutions have capacity to create killing machines out of humans. That is the worst yet the most apparent example of Human Programming. Of course there are better examples which we do not even notice are common hard-working people working in offices. Toiling hours for days and years to fend the loved ones. The sense of responsibility towards family, community, society, country and even sensitivity to human life is a programmed behaviour.

The religion has vested interest in denying human programming. Most of the religions are based on stories of past or after life happenings, souls and many other types of characters which portray humans above the rest of the creation. If humans are admitted to be programmed creatures, the entire edifice of religion will fall. No trillion-dollar industry can afford to that.

Habit and programming:

Without troubling the Darwin, in his grave, we all know that humans have compulsive habit of imitation. Fashion is one such example. Humans love to wear what someone else is wearing. It is even better if everyone is wearing it. Imagine a person dressed in traditional Chinese or Bhutanese attire on the roads of Landon or New York? The human gazes that will follow. Of course hardly any one will choose that costume. But change the location to some place China or Bhutan, a person would like blend in with local attire.

Parenting is one more such effort on human programming albeit not very effective after a certain age. Living by example as a parent has some what better success rate.

Psychology and human programming:

No writing about human mind and behaviour can be complete without a reference to the psychology. From Sigmund Freud to Karl Jung it was believed that human responses to random events are dictated by past human experiences including those experiences which happened a long time ago in the past. Eric Bern experimented further and demonstrated how stimuli to brain can affect responses. His Treatise on Transactional Analysis makes a critical analysis about it. Further reading into his various books and also of Thomas A Harris and his wife Amy Harris takes the matter to a step further that our responses in real life situations are not rational but are generated from past events. Please search and find those wonderful books for details.

However J. Krishnamurti is the ultimate Psychologist. He poses just one question: “Why cant we die on yesterday?” He insists on living carefully with astute awareness. His pathless path is not easy to understand but his book “Emancipation of Human Mind” is illuminating on the subject.But even if one is able to do it there is always a chance of reprogramming. So be careful.

Self programming:

Self programming the best way to do it right. But be very careful. Most of the programming is happening on its own: As someone put it:

Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

This is complete cycle of human programming. But the above does not cycle happens many times over in a life time. For the destiny again generates thought and ultimately we keep bouncing from one destiny to another. So I will add “watch your destiny for you may not have to compromise everything that you are to reach that destiny.

The destiny to do something is far better than the destiny to become someone. The latter is path to hell.

Please share your views.

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