Dushahra Greetings and Menu for PM Narendra Modi

My Dushahra Greetings to all.

Vijaydashami is another name for Dushahra Festival. It means the tenth day which marked victory. It is celebration of victory of good over evil and right over wrong. It is a day when we may find the wrongs within and set them right. There are many wrongs which PM Narendra Government has to fix in coming days. With opposition busy in finding emotional issues for its vote banks, constructive issue based opposition is the casualty. In democracy, opposition is a necessity but an ignorant opposition or the one which is merely rhetorical is a dis-service. Anyhow these are some of the topics which should attract the attention of the Government may not be in same order in which these are listed below:

GST debacle

Every one is crying hoarse that GST has devastated but without actually putting finger on the problem. Of course it is now admitted fact that GST Network suffers from incapacity. hope it shall be rectified and bandwidth of servers shall be increased. Mr. Jaitly needs to be explained by some technical expert, that capacity of 100 thousand users per hour is actually just 10 users per second or at any given time. Therefore the technical staff need to be dealt with and bandwidth need to be increased which is poor.

However the worse problem is B2B SME traders. Small traders with a turnover of less then 20 lacs need not pay GST. In business to business transaction the buyer will prefer to buy GST paid goods so that he may get credit of GST already paid. This has suddenly made traders supplying to big businesses, redundant. Business who are paying GST want to buy only GST paid goods. This is the biggest mess.

There is another problem which affects climate. The recycling industry is badly hit. They do not fall in GST chain hence it is more profitable to but raw material then to cycle as re-cyclist pays no GST. Hence no input credit of GST.

If these problems are not redressed, it will have huge impact on economy as a whole and lot of people are going to be jobless.

18% tax on ebooks

Mr. Modi came to power to remove what he called “Policy Paralysis”. Now the GST Council is suffering from the same paralysis. Why it has decided to tax everything sold on Internet @18%? Are we living in 1990’s? May be the Ministers forming part of GST are too old to think in terms of today. Internet is a market place where not just services but goods are also sold.

Ebook is an electronic goods. Why discriminate with it. Why paperbook has 0% tax and eBook has 18%? Only because the GST council did not apply its mind and Mr. Jaitly doesn’t like take que from twitter.

Please look into it and have it rectified. The GST Council must find and address all articles individually.

Income tax return

Mr. Modi has a blind side and that is Income Tax. It is well known now. Do you know that any person who has turnover in billion is treated like a thief in Income Tax department and he has to pay a bribe every year? Yes it is a fact. And what have you done about it except that arming the same tax officials even larger powers. Traders are not happy about it.

Transparency was the promise but you have armed the department to be opaque before raiding a person. Mere suspicion is enough. Do keep a check on these officials.

Some of the traders have simply shut shop or reduced turnover to deal with limited number of people to avoid harassment. This will affect GDP.

Filing of income returns remains a monopoly of Microsoft Windows as other versions do not work. It was the same about ten years ago. It is same now. RTI asking for the name of officer responsible for non-working Oracle Java version is returned with blank answer. Is this the answerability and sensitivity of the Government?

Economy and Subramnium Swamy

Mr. Swamy is going through the town claiming that economy is in a tailspin and his 16 page letter written to Mr. Modi remained un-addressed. Are we citizens not entitled to know as to what is the matter? Why there is no transparent debate on the subject? Just because opposition doesn’t know how to debate means people don’t need to know?

Korea scam

Corruption in Korea is no news. Like India, its ex Prime Minister is undergoing charges of corruption. India has a special treaty with Korea in which “Goods of Origin” certified by bureaucrats of the respective country, suffer nil customs duty after introduction of 3% GST as against previous 13%

Korea has annual production capacity of 300 Kg. of Gold. But two importers from India imported 27 tons of Gold under certificate of origin that Gold Coins were of Korean Origin. Who were the beneficiaries of this scam?

Quick pace reforms

No person can deny the need of reformation. But only in economic Sector? Other sectors have to be left behind? What are the reforms in Bureaucracy? What about amendment of Prevention of Corruption Act? What about enforcement of or bringing new Whistleblowers Act?

What about crime and law and order?

What about crowd management? Criminals, Godman and politicians hire people @ Rs.1000/- a day to lodge protests and show strength. Later in the garb of unmanageable crowd riots are attempted.  India needs a crowd management policy, like yesterday. Can we expect any time soon?

Understood that police reforms are linked to their business network of informers in vending and squatting. Can we have a Major Crime Department to properly conduct and pursue the crimes like Murder, Robbery and Rape? This can work if such department is kept insulated from present Police department.

Above all Can I expect an answer from Mr. Modi?

Please share your views.

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