Hinduism in a nut shell.

What is Hinduism:

Hinduism is a misnomer rather a colloquial term given by outsiders mainly Turkish and Arabs. Bharat i.e. India as it originally stood was separated from rest of the land by river Indu (later called Indus by English speaking people) in the West and Brahamaputra in the East. India was called by the name of river Indu. However, the Turkish & Arabic languages have no vowels & therefore they chose to speak Indu as Hindu. Thus, the term Hindu was coined. As a matter of fact the so called Hindus call all creatures on Earth as ‘Jeev’ and human beings as ‘Manav Jati’(human cast). The law governing Universe including human beings is called Sanatam Dharam.

Core Principles of Sanatam Dharama

According to Sanatam Dharam, the world exists between Pralay to Pralay. There are 4 yugyas called Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug. Thereafter, the world destroys itself which is Pralay (a kind of cosmic catastrophe which destroys everything ) and the cycle starts again. In a way it is similar to the views of Stephen Hawking’s views on “Beginning of time.” Click on link to read his lecture on the subject.


When there was/is nothing, there existed a sound pronounced as Om. Om written in Devanagari (Hindi/Sanskrit) script is also a reverend Hindu symbol. Which is:

Om Symbol

Since Om preceded everything, it is considered auspicious to write Om first on every thing from top of a letter to first page of accounts book, top of invitation card etc.

I wonder if it is the same as micro-wave noise said to filled in cosmic space.

The Trinity

According to Sanatam Dharam there are a trinity of 3 Gods : Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.These three remain at the top of pyramid while more Gods were recognized.

Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is the Manager and Mahesh is the Destroyer. These 3 gods are manifested in every element that includes human beings, animals, vegetation, Earth and even smallest particle of dust. In other words creators and creation are unified. Creator is part of creation as trinity exists in every part of creation itself.

Sanatan Dharma is not a religion but there are many religions which draw from Sanatan Dharma. Dharma means ‘Order’ in the same way as there is a ‘cosmic order’ in the universe. In other words to say ‘Cosmic Dharma’ means the same as ‘Cosmic Order’.

Sanatan Dharma is not about philosophy but it deals directly with our health and life style. Many aspects of Sanatan Dharma and it’s relationship with human health has been dealt in my following book:

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