Is HRBlock a new thug in the market? A Review.

Is duping people?

Thuggery is an ancient offence. It is an act of stupefying another human being by winning his/her confidence. Now a days it is called Conman act. Thuggery was also violent in the end. Often culprit used to kill people. I hope HRBlock is not that brutal. In India ancient name of offender was Thug. They would deceive by tempting people with attractive offer but releasing selective piece of information or concealing material information. Such acts are also a fraud u/s 17 of Contract Act. Read here about the ingredients and  effect of fraud.

HR Block is an online Income Tax Return preparer cum filing facility which uses API’s of Income Tax Department of India. Its profile proclaims:

H&R Block forayed into India in January of 2012 and today we are the Largest Consumer Tax Filing Company in India. We have already tied up with 500+ corporates and e-Filed 6+ lakh returns, with 9/10 customer satisfaction score. ……….. And, we believe it is our people, highly trained Tax Experts, who have enabled H&R Block to become the world’s largest individual tax services provider! Each H&R Block Tax Expert provides personal advisory services to each client with the goal being to give the most accurate advice and to prepare and e-file individual tax returns with complete accuracy………The Company was founded by Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955 in Kansas City, U.S.A. It is the largest tax filer in the world with over 2.5 Crore clients served. H&R Block forayed into India in January of 2012.

Some boasting has been excluded and replaced with dots. Mark the words in italics and bold/italics. What impressions does it create?

It boasts to be capable of tackling any kind of calculation or legal problem with its experts. It’s web site claims to capable of handling any kind of Income Tax Return in India or in USA. Far too good to be true?

Income tax return filing in India.

Return of income tax can be filed online in India through this website. But it is limited to salaried people filing ITR-1 and those paying tax on turn over ITR-4. Other have to down load excel/java files and prepare the return. Java was not working at all and excel works only in MS office in windows, which I do not use. Here came HRBlock website offering to file all kinds of income tax returns in India as well as USA.

What HRBlock does in India?

In India HRBlock offers free filing of income tax return for salaried persons filing. But unassisted return it is free. For assisted persons they charge the fee depending upon something I don’t know.

Now my problem is foreign income on account of royalties on my books on which I had paid tax in USA. I could not find the place to tag it. when I disclosed about it, a pop message came to pay for assisted service. I paid 699 plus service tax. Rs.809/- in total.


After 30 hours a young man called. I asked him the question. He asked if I was Non-resident Indian? I told him know. He was baffled as to how a person can have income in foreign exchange without going out. On this I asked his age. He was 22 years of age. A student of CA. What a great expert? I told him that he will not do. So I asked him to put me to someone with at least a proper educational qualification if not experience. It is three days I have not heard from them.

Yesterday morning I warned them to refund the money hence I will sue them and will write this review. Nothing happened. They are prepared.

Sad thing is that I am always ambivalent in trusting online sites asking advance payment. But I trusted this site considering its 1955 origin story which God knows if it has any substance in it. From the general look and feel also it appeared to be a normal business site.

Guarantee of HRBlock

What guarantee means if the establishment guaranteeing runs away and do not respond? What is the use of empty guarantee if there is no system in place. My mistake I did not check that HRBlock displays no refund policy at all. See the guarantee offered by HRBlock:

HRBlock false promises

The hallow promises made by HRBlock

Conclusion about HRBlock

Stay away. Normal departmental site is better prepared than these people’s. In fact the Income Tax department has improved further this year. I found my solution at the bottom of official website. At the last tab of financial statement there is an option to add more columns for voluntary declaration of any kind. Hence I added my declaration there. Was this feature deliberately held back in HRBlock web site?

Who knows. Their refusing to refund or even to respond through customer care shows there casualness. India is a vast country with a billion people. They are confident that they will hook a few trusting fools like me every year. Let’s see and watch.

High time to have an online e-commerce dispute arbitrator who may decide online and quickly.

Until then use official site only i.e.

Please share your views.

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