How to remain poor and miserable?

Birth in hideous poverty is a matter of accident but to remain poor and miserable needs efforts.

It is not easy to remain poor. Education opens new avenues of prosperity but it requires extra ability to miss opportunities and remain struck in abysmal poverty.

Vacations and holidays:

To remains poor it is important to religiously follow the calendar and obey all holidays, all vacations and presume that this is what everyone does. However, those who get rid of poverty do not fall is this trap and take vacation when its suits their works cycle. So enjoy life and poverty alongwith the holidays. Those who remain well above poverty line are those who use the holidays to harness new skills or to update knowledge to cope with the dynamic word in which knowledge gets obsolete every day.

Be dishonest and unreliable:

In professional world and in job market personal integrity matters a lot. Once all known acquaintances run out, it becomes difficult to cheat and the poor has to find a new place to cheat people. It is only the person with proven integrity who gets a second chance. So enjoy while it lasts. Cheat people, be dishonest and if you survive the chances of physical violence or prison, in all probability you will certainly die alone and miserable.

Spend it fool you have one life:

The above sense is derived from one of the Sanskrit sloka of Charvaka an ancient atheist Hindu philosopher. According to Charvaka “यदा जीवेत सुखं जीवेत, ऋण कृत्वा, घृतं पीवेत” As long as you live, live in happiness. Borrow money and drink ghee (clarified butter). In modern times we may replace ghee with Scotch.

But the crux of the matter is spend all that you earn. Make no saving. Forget that word “rainy-day”. For you it does not exist. Eat drink and be marry. For there may not be tomorrow. Another extension of this principle is: don’t work till you have money in your pocket. Be miserable. when there is no money for people will soon come to know that you are not reliable and poverty will ensue.

Spend it, waste it and learn:

Do not learn from other experience. After all we came to life to learn by experience. Hence we have to commit all the mistakes our self even if the life becomes hell. Why bother from experience of others.

Spend recklessly even if a particular expenditure means more recurring expenditure. For examples buy an expensive car because you are afford it and completely ignore the fact that your current income cannot support its day to day  expenses for maintenance.

Take everything for granted

World exists for you. Either by believing in God or while denying this God, we end up owning the world. We assume that the world is our personal asset. People are there for the only reason that we need them and not the other way around. Trouble anybody when ever you want and run away when other asks for something is a sure formula for misery. Worse is that when we do acquire these habits we do not notice until it is too late.

What is discipline?

Delay is natural result of incompetence. But it can also be a habit acquired to remain poor and miserable. Delay work. Don’t keep appointments. Don’t follow calendar. Do as the mind pleases. Even if somebody tells you to keep an hourly diary to note, never do it. It has a danger of making you a responsible person.

Neglect work.

Work can wait. Always say to yourself: “I will do it tomorrow”. Avoiding to finish work in the hand means sooner or later people will realize that you are incompetent and would stop giving work.

Relationships, friends etc social life is more important than work. Why work when social life is waiting for you. After all what the life is without social gatherings over tea or drinks or even otherwise. And now we have new options to waste time. FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram to name a few. Get hooked and avoid work.

The glory of poverty awaits you.

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