Megyn Kelly, Kejriwal and Donald Trump in Information Age.

Seeking information in this era.

Information Age is the era we live in. Information gathering was never so fast. In 1966 when Star Trek , a ScFi TV show  was launched the dream of information age was first envisaged. Star trek had a talking computer which could answer back any information which was asked to it. In 50 years of Star Trek, we have crossed into the era where information can be sought from computer by asking the right question on the phone itself. It is called Google Now on Android phone and Siri on iPhone. But I wonder if the Megyn Kelly, Arvind Kejriwal and Donald Trump knows about it. They seem to be too self obsessed to notice anything. But ladies first.

When Megyn Kelly met PM Modi in Russia.

Megyn Kelly is supposed to be a journalist. Therefore it is also supposed that if she is going to interview a politician, who would do her home work. Which now days can be done on phone itself. In few minutes one can find out about any person by looking at social profile on facebook and twitter etc.

Megyn Kelly was to interview India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at International Economic Forum at a state dinner at Konstantin Palace in St Petersburg, Russia. What back ground check she did except for buying a Disco going dress? See this video:

Are you on twitter?

Like President Trump, his fellow countrywoman seems to be equally ignorant. But she certainly does not do any home work at all. Therefore the inference would be that the questions are also prepared by others and she is merely a presentable face for the TV. She is the disinformation like two other names but claims to be most informed to asks questions around. She therefore is the envelope (lifaafa) in which her media house delivers its narrative.

For the record, PM Modi is third most followed politician with 30 million followers on Twitter. I found it out in few seconds. He is 35th most followed person on twitter. Check it out.

President Donald Trump and climate hoax.

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris climate agreement marks end of an era where USA used to consider itself a world leader. With this unilateral withdrawal Trump has shown the middle finger to the world and nobody has liked it. When Trump became President I had tweeted that “Trump is Kejriwal of USA”. When I search Twitter for that phrase, it becomes clear that now everyone seems to agree. One person said that Trump is Kejriwal plus Rahul Gandhi.

The decision to withdraw from Climate agreement could be based on greed but is certainly most misinformed decision. To say that climate change is a hoax is complete intellectual bankruptcy of Trump. Here in India we can feel the change. In one generation climate has changed a lot. The April this year was as warm as the June. That too suddenly. People fell down with heat stroke in London last summer. According to the Trump there must be some freak reason which he doesn’t know, caused these changes.

Another bluff Trump spoke of was that the agreement resulted in payment of “billions of billions of billions” dollars being paid to India. The total corpus of Green Fund is ten billion dollars. The total payment made to India in 2015 is just hundred million dollars. BTW India every year imposts Californian Almonds from USA worth 100 millions. But in this era of “post truth” facts and figures hardly matters.

Trump’s comparison with Kejriwal.

Disinformation, empty rhetorics, false promises, lies, corruption and nepotism make both Kejriwal and Trump, twin brothers. Only difference is that corruption by Trump is yet subtle.

About Arvind Kejriwal

Tell any person from India that “He is Kejriwal”. The reply would be in expletives. When a person is doomed so low in public life that his name becomes a profanity, it is not proper to write anything about him. It is a waste of time.


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