U.P. election 2017: BJP won but who lost.

Election results in 4 out of 5 states which would comprise about 1/3rd of India brought out one winner: The ruling party in the Federal Govt. i.e. BJP and unequivocally declared Prime Minister as the foremost Pan India Leader. Nothing could be more sweet for BJP on Holi.

Happy Holi 2017 to all.

Saffron is the colour of the flag of BJP. It is rightly calling this Holi as Kesaria (i.e. saffronic) Holi. It has earned it.

But who lost?

Is merely the ruling combine in these states, the only loser?

In my humble opinion, the biggest loser is the credibility of the media (a.k.a. Journalism). The media was no where near the ground at all. It was so busy projecting the strength of party which hired it that it completely forgot that it has any duty to report the truth. The subtleness of bias was completely missing. It was open display of solidarity with chosen party. Unfortunately for the media people saw it and cared the least. The credibility of media was already lost perhaps.

As per media reports during elections, SP-Congress was winning in U.P. and AAP was winning in Punjab and Goa. Result: SP-Congress got barely 60 seats in 403 strong house. AAP got 20 in a house of 77 in Punjab and 00 yes zero in Goa.Media failed to notice the tsunami of landslide losses to these parties?

People of India are smart. They don’t fall for rhetorical claims of leaders supported by false claims of media. They know that Main Stream Media is now a propaganda machine for hire.

EVM and Electioneering:

Now the one section is claiming fraud and another is calling it electioneering. Former need to explain that if voting machines were rigged, Election Commissioner is also involved? It is the same Election Commissioner who three years ago took unprecedented decision to bar Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP from entering his own constituency. I will opine the boot is on other leg.

Electioneering is the name given to use of strategy like finding uncontroversial but grass root leaders and massive campaigning. This was started by Nehru and is in vogue since 1950. Those in doubt read MC Mathai’s biography rather search for a note handwritten by Nehru. It is given at the end of book. BTW Mathai was Nehru’s secretary for nearly 2 decades.

Is pre-poll alliance among ark rivals like SP and Congress not electioneering? Hiring Prashant Kishore an election strategist is not electioneering?

Come on. Media thinks we are so naive that may still fall for it?  Media should pull its socks sooner else it would be confined to where film rolls of negatives and positives are confined. Tsunami of technology can make any profession redundant if people wanted it.

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