Freedom of expression or freedom to bleed through thousand cuts.

Making India bleed through thousand cuts:

Zia-ul Haq, the then dictator of Pakistan had formulated the above policy to make India bleed through a thousand cuts after he realised that Pakistan can not win any conventional war with it’s mighty neighbour. Search the above phrase and there will be hundreds of articles highlighting above policy and concluding that the terrorism unleashed through borders is the result of that policy. They are only half correct. Terrorism is official policy of Pakistan to deal with all neighbours.

The creation of ‘Pakistan’ which literally mean “Pure Land” is itself is a hate speech to the rest of world which is automatically termed impure. But the task of Islam/Pakistan is not complete.The Pakistan looks for “Takmeel-e-Pakistan” which means perfection. It will happen when all the Muslim in the world comes together. Can you guess what this “togetherness” will do? No marks for guessing. It is a hush talk of what ISIS dare to speak without mincing words.

The creation of Pakistan saw murder of million and exodus of Millions of Hindu/Sikh/minorities other than Muslims from West Punjab (and East Bengal) which was declared Pakistan. A state born with violence and whose first policy decision was to attack its minorities and second was to attack Kashmir, can not be expected shun violence. Therefore the crucial question is: “What are the above said thousand cuts?

What are the thousand cuts?

Terrorism over the years have started to give diminishing returns to Pakistan. Terrorists are being refrained and dealt with at the borders. Civilian population is beyond reach. At least for past many years. Of course it is the valor of army that they are laying down their lives to ensure it. And result is that terrorism is not the successful option. So how to bleed India?

Hawala/Fake Currency:

Hawala refers to illegal currency exchange. Give money in Rupee in cash in Delhi and receive in USD$ in Dubai which is the head quarter of hawala trade in India and Pakistan. The so called black money stashed abroad reaches through hawala route. An ex hawala dealer confided me that there are two main operators in Dubai which are running the operations. Interesting fact is that in Dubai, this business is legal. So far India has not been able to do anything about it. Fake Indian currency is printed in Pakistan’s official security press and is distributed through this very hawala network as well. It helped that political parties in India also uses hawala route to transact in cash (black money) within India.

Demonetisation may have temporarily put a hurdle in this operation and bleeding may have stopped for a while but will not last forever. Call of the Government of India to switch to digital payment is also aimed at dealing with this problem.

Presstitutes and Supari Journalism:

Though at one time I had approved this ugly word “presstitude” but I think it is tad too unfair. Journalism is a profession in which professionals work for money. They get paid by their employers like news papers or TV channels. Now every employer has a policy. I will start with pro-BJP/Modi channels. Watch Doordarshan, Zee TV or India TV to see inclination towards BJP/Modi by giving prominence to news relating to BJP/Modi. In Hindi News paper, Dainik Jagran and Dainik Bhasker would be on top to support BJP/Modi.

Similarly NDTV is solidly behind Congress. It is unfortunate that it is also pro Pakistan. But nothing is emotional. At least that is my guess. Similarly Times in English and Navbharat Times in Hindi is also pro Congress. Express being edited by wife of CPI comrade Yachury and Hindu as always is pro Communist and hates BJP as a policy. So tone down pro BJP news and hype anti-BJP news.

Another term used for paid/biased news is supari journalism. Supari originally referred to contact killing. Supari Journalism is news undertaken to promote or may be to look away from any person, group or issue.

To make sense of any news one has to complete the picture by reading diverse news papers understanding their bias. Am glad that I has shunned subscribing newspapers long back. But most news in all the sources i.e. TV and Print media is news for he hired. Narratives are changed in subtle and creative ways to make it appear different. Today somebody posted a news clipping in which a Muslim Godman who had raped a woman was called “swami” in the headlines. And thus changing the narrative.

wp-1488612911917.jpgCould not get the name of news paper clipped above. But now it should be publicly acknowledged that journalists are propagandists who are paid for their services. The holy status attached to journalists is too over rated and is an out dated concept.

Pakistan understand the need to know the journalists for hire and apparently is successfully using it. BTW this is a global phenomenon and not peculiar to India or sub continent. I had posted a picture of Wall Street Journal in previous post about demonetisation which speaks for itself:wp-1479881232642.jpgNote how same picture has two opposite headlines in two different editions of WSJ.
BTW if one wishes o see some embarrassing news about India, go to BBC-Hindi website. The main/prominent headline would be from any remote place of India. Wonder who is the editor of BBC-Hindi web site but every such article is written by some Muslim journalist. Just a co-incidence? Keep checking every few days. May be I am wrong.

Power of Students Union (bleeding through University):

Declaration of emergency by Indira Gandhi is a single most important political event which changed the face of politics in India. By this declaration she usurped the emergency powers and actually suspended all constitutional rights. The main reason of emergency was possibility of a complete general strike in the nation demanding her resignation as Indira’s election was declared illegal by court. It all started with protests by Student Unions. Jai Prakash, or JP as socialist leader was called, was the leader of this massive student protests which converted into public protests. JP and hundreds of other political leaders were lodged in Jails (under preventive detention laws without trial) with very poor arrangements. JP and many died due to inhuman conditions.

Pakistan is not unaware of youth power and wants to bleed India through this cut also. Incidents in JNU last year and Delhi University (DU) last week is a step in right directions. Umer Khalid abusing the India as a nation and demanding “freedom for Kashmir” has a Muslim name but claims to be an atheist. It doesn’t matter. Rumour that his father Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyasi is member of Jamaat-e-Islaami and was head of banned terror supporting outfit SIMI is dismissed as irrelevant. Object of Jamaat-e-Islaami is formation of an Islamic State in India. So far no agency seems to be looking into the Pakistan angle. At least not in public knowledge. Or perhaps not able to decipher the layers of contact.

Social Media professionals:

Social media activists are most often professionals for hire. Only problem is most professionals do not publicly declare it so. All political parties have hired ‘Guns’ in social media. So why cant others use it? If corporations can use it to brush up the image, why Pakistan cant use it to change the narrative? Especially when no body is lending it an ear and has no opening to pretend ‘peace’ while sending terrorists in India and training for the world. Hence Pakistan hires social media professionals too to promote its points of view. I am not implying that any particular professional actually knew who controlled the narrative but the narrative with a pretty face does help to bleed India.


In the past, the terrorist attacks were launched at tourist destinations to make India an unsafe place for tourists and for business. That was the first and most favourite cut Pakistan would like inflict upon India. But as stated earlier, security and intelligence agency have done a remarkable job in keeping us safe in recent years. Culprits have been nabbed while in planning stage itself or at the border.

What next? Watch out for narrative.

I am at a loss here. I can’t predict what Pakistan can and will do next. But we as citizens and as professionals, scrupulous and unscrupulous alike must make sure that we do not help Pakistan in setting a narrative through any means possible. Beware that the identity of person who approach you, would give no reason to suspect but look at the narrative being set and do not be the blade to inflict the cut which may bleed India.

Please share your views.

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