Mind, its rambling and elusive silence.

The serene yet pseudo silence of mind

The gigantic wheel of mind never really stops. If you do not know what it is about, please read no further. It is personal and private. Find some other sensation do not bother with this rambling.

Mind like earth, spins and moves with speed. Earth is rotating at the speed of 94 miles per second and we do not notice. Mind is much more faster. May be faster than light!! But it movers in circles. Steer out of one, it will find another circle.

Mind often slows down when there is no sure object to circle. Too slow to give an illusion of halt. No issues. This illusory halt is an experience. It is not the silence but next to it. No wait, no expectation, no anxiety, no object, no comment, no teaching, no nothing except a garbage struggling to come out of head. The moment, it does. It is the end of it.

Something is better than nothing.

Let it be. Let it beam. 

But what happened? My guess is that there is only one layer of thought or mood which is active. Rest are updating. Just a cosmic reaction. Very little to explain and sort the experience. Perhaps too little recorded to process. Do not know. But it happens.

Some time it happens. Rainbow without rain. Rain without cloud. Existence without worry. It happens.

It is not writer’s block. Is it?

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