Corruption unleashed by Bureaucracy.

Corruption and Bureaucracy:

Bureaucracy defines the march of any Nation. Govt can make policies and Bureaucracy can defeat it with impunity. To get the result the Government has to be extra cautious to rein in Bureaucracy often with carrot and stick policy.

Govt of India has already offered carrot to Bureaucracy by way of pay hike as recommended by pay commission. Time has come to crack the whip. Interestingly the most corrupt department of Govt is Income Tax department but unfortunately, Prime Minister Modi has a blind side which is Income Tax. As regard Finance Minister, his quality as a lawyer can not be disputed but he is not an administrator and certainly not an economist. As regards his administration, post demonetization chaos, is a proof of absence of administrative capabilities. His poor health certainly does not help.

Martial law by Bureaucracy:

Change comes with truth and reconciliation not by slaughter. Presently the enforcement machinery is treading on thin ice. Some officers have already crossed the line.

Black Money turned into Gold:

It may be noted that at present the Govt has offered a 50/50 scheme on black money called Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojna (PMGKY). But the catch is that to avail the benefit of it one must have Bona fide source of income. Therefore the corrupt bureaucrats have no way to launder their black money. All these bureaucrats have exchanged money with gold. This was the reason that no action was taken against in this respect but when it was leaked they ordered freezing of bank accounts of bullion traders.

Covering the tracks:

Now comes the next step. Cut the loose ends. Here is Modus operandi:

With influence deposit huge cash in the account of a mule, transfer the money to bullion trader. Send mule to collect the bullion. Hide the bullion. Send mule away in some hiding. Sit tight and pretend to be investigating the matter and freeze the accounts of all bullion traders. When they approach, tell them to confess and take 50/50 scheme or go to jail. In one case the officer concerned even threatened the lawyer who visited the income tax office.

I could write this example as the matter is still not subjudice. The client is mulling over options. Wondering if their policy to remain cashless did not work. Were they expected to do more? Law doesn’t say that but bureaucrats do?

Rein in corrupt bureaucrats:

My appeal to Govt is to rein in these corrupt bureaucrats because they may turn this fight against corruption into fight against rich which will not be good either for economy or for the nation.

How to keep a watch on those who were supposed to be the watchers? Finding few and sacking them would be a good example.

Starting with enforcement of Whistle-blower Act which is eating dust would be a good beginning!

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