Facing terrorism called Islamic Jihad.

Supremacist conflict or paranoia.

Death to kafir is the massage to every single person who does not follow Islam is in “kufr” or ” Sin”. Those folloing Islam are superior people if not race. Democratically elected Govt. cannot determine what is right or wrong. The correct word in Persian is Halal & Haram which can only be deterrmined by Allah. The last sentence is a near reproduction of the words used by ISIS or Daesh* commander in an interview. Thus the only option for non-Islamic people or not following correct version of Islam is but to convert to Wahabi-Sunni-Islam or die.

Are all the above expressions exaggerated.?

Is it a paranoid version of a Non-Islamic person?

Unfortunately the above stanza is buildup with the word spoken, written, conveyed or preached by Terrorists, Leaders and Preachers.

These are their words however we may read the massage clear. Whatever cult of Islam, the Jihadis may be following, they are supremacist and no less supremacist than the Hitler, the pure evil of last century.

History has a habit to repeat.

The only lesson which can be taken from the History that no one  learns from the History. The Christian & Jesuit supremacy prevailed in 15th & 16th century which became white supremacy or racism in 19th & 20th century. White men would look down upon men of colour. Until 1960, in USA, human with colour other than white were to use different toilets, schools, shops and other public utilities.

The First world war happened but no body learned any lesson from the past. Soon second world war followed and there was genocide of human beings in the name of their religious believe or race or both. Hundreds of thousands (3 millions?) were mercilessly butchered and world waited for an arrangement with devil so that war could be avoided. But the devil was too predictably arrogant. Ultimately the world formed allied forces, but too late to save many but did save itself from evil if not crazy dictator who wanted to rule the world. In doing so the allied forces joined Communism Forces which looked much lessor evil at that time.

The third Cold World War

The second world war was the acknowledgment by the west that communist regime was a force to reckon with and they could be partnered with. The second world war victories also gave communists opportunity to export to religion of communism to Europe and subsequently to for of places like Libya & Cuba before expending it to Afghanistan under military umbrella. Many died around the globe in this power play of U.S.A. & U.S.S.R. the predecessor of present day Russia and Central Asian Countries.

Arming the Islamic Fundamentalists

Afghanistan had first deja vu with evil. A vibrant secular peace loving society of traders turned into battle ground of Soviet Forces and Pakistan (read USA powered) trained Taliban who settled in Afghanistan and turned it into an Islamic State in which women were second grade citizens. TV and books were prohibited. On the force of 21st century’s weapons, Afghanistan was turned into 7th century country.

9/11 and Osama Bin Laden

History cought up with USA when it had to send ground troops to Afghanistan with suitcases full of dollars. Alliances of regional leaders of Western Afghanistan were bought overnight and by morning army was at Taliban Bastian Kandahar.

Taliban was defeated but permitted to retreat into Pakistan. Everyone in the world knew that Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan except USA. A war won but enemy left to grow it’s teeth again. The terrorist making factories of Pakistan was no concern to USA. The largest financier of USA, Saudi Arabia perhaps was breathing at its neck.

Without learning any lesson from past, to establish even more hold of the oil world, dictators were toppled in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Jubilation at the fall of dictators was short lived. From the dust rose yet another serpent which knew no morality or humanity. Slavery is back in business and ISIS is showing middle finger to the world which is still divided in choosing which faction of ISIS to attack and which one to let go. Soviets favour one, Turkey another and USA has its own choice. All short sighted about the land they can accede by proxy ruler.

Chinese dragon needs Islamic Serpent

Pakistan in the meanwhile switched the alliance with China and now shows middle finger to USA whose aid still continue to pour in and channelised into making Islamic Terrorists. Not Islamic? Ask the parents of slain terrorists and they will tell that their son died in service of Islam. But the world sleeps on dreaming of it virtual accession of more territories soon.

Time to act now

The next world war is on the horizon. Writing is on the wall. Only blind and those asleep can’t read. The next world war will rise for supremacy of Islam. For establishing the Caliphate in which Quran will be ‘Constitution of the World’ as already declared by Zakir Naik the preacher absconding and presently in Saudi Arabia.

Start a debate on Islamic Utopia

Dialogue and debate are the civilised way of resolving differences and dispute. But one can’t talk to a person holding the gun. But one may talk to those who have still not picked up gun. Every society has people dissatisfied with existing system. Democracy is not the best form of government but is the one which is least hostile to its citizens. Dream of Utopia, be it Islamic or otherwise sounds always attractive to fence sitters dissatisfied citizens. It doesn’t matter if it is offered by a war criminal or not. 

Therefore the first step it to acknowledge the problem and possibility that this Utopia of Darul-e-Islam can attract any human being and more so a Muslim. Next would be to start a debate to adopt democratic values in Islam. Many sects would agree immediately but some would resist. The logic that Islam has to control each and every aspect of citizen has to be toned down because if not we are back to beginning. And read first paragraph above, again. Because if Islam is a complete eco-system, it cannot co-exist with democracy.
*(Daesh = al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham)

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