Living happens when conspiracy ends. 

Conspiracy is a serious word but it is most appropriate. If you are uncomfortable you may use planning but that is physical preparation. Conspiracy is state of mind to manipulate by any means necessary.  Most of the time we are involved in conspiracy. Difficult to pinpoint when it starts. May be attempt to cheat in a game in Kinder Garden was first conspiracy. Something on social media inspired me to write following:

ईंसान:   समय की प्रत्यचां पर उछलने वाले बिचारे इंसान को ज़िन्दगी को खेल समझते हुए भी, ज़िन्दगी को एक षड्यंत्र में बदल कर बड़ी ख़ुशी महसूस करते है यध्धपि षड्यंत्र किसी के भी नियंत्रण मे ज़्यादा देर नहीं रहते ।

Above would nearly translate in English as under:

Human:   Tied to the fate, human do realise that the life is a play, yet they feel pleasure in converting into a conspiracy even though no conspiracy remains in anybody’s control for long.

Thus living becomes a long chain of planning, deception, manipulation and conspiracies. Newer and newer ideas are invented everyday to achieve desires or rather to chase thoughts we call ideas. How-so-ever small that desire may be.

Example of a smallest conspiracy:

I had received an invitation to a wedding. How can it be a conspiracy? Deceit is the smallest conspiracy. It may be a beginning of long chain of conspiracy. Let me share background of this invitation.

For a decade I was his rather their counsel. They had numerous legal problems and I was there to deal with and of course it was mutually beneficial arrangement. And I was called BFF (best friend forever).

Then came some health issues with me and I declined to render some services, not all. Slowly and then swiftly he moved away. Long time no see until that day when he appeared with invitation card. Time will tell what was the conspiracy. Restoration of relationship or to tell the world that we are BFF or some work issue. Who can guess? Especially when I ignored the invitation without even RSVP.

Haven’t heard from that BFF after that day but today I have saved myself from getting close to another conspiracy. An unbelievable success story. Shall revert to it but not today.

Food for thought

Every day we are busy in manipulating others in doing something for us. Some time it is survival but most of time it is the habit. We mechanically turn on manipulation mode and keep it on at all times. Try turning it off and live with uncertainty and without control. It is relaxing. And actual living happens when there is no conspiracy to archive something. Air, Food and Drink taste different, when nothing is on the mind. Do give it a try.


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